A Quick Hive.Loans Development Update!

Hey folks, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Posting a brief update on the Hive.Loans development build as I've had a few folks sending me messages on discord wondering the status of things or asking if they are missing out on the beta. As it sits nobody has been given beta passes as some function bugs came to my attention a few days back, and rather than risk peoples accounts it was decided to hold off on things. The good news is it's getting closer to being ready to test, the bad news is I've missed the month end target that I'd hoped to hit to get people in and checking things out..

Zero Vulnerabilities Found by NPM.. A Small Win!

( after fighting with the thing for way too long, FINALLY got the npm audit to zero vulnerabilities... WOOT! feelsgoodman )

The first time I ran the npm audit command on the Hive.Loans codebase a staggering ~7000 vulnerabilities were found, 13 of which were severe. In part some of these were caused by packages used by the site having dependencies that hadn't been updated in a long long time, so part of the process in getting the site production ready was patching known vulnerabilities and updating dependencies of dependencies.. A pain in the ass for sure, but necessary for me to sleep at night.

While trying to keep the module dependencies as low as possible, it's almost a necessary evil with the complexity of the site and the functions it offers.. To code all of it myself by hand would likely take years, and if well vetted libraries exist (such as hive-js) to help things move forward faster, I believe it would be foolish to not use them, provided they are safe and not a vector for attack.

HIVE Futures / Contract For Differences Implemented

While taking longer than I'd initially hoped for, the Hive.Loans CFD trading engine is now basically finished on the site, still a few small fee calculators to implement such as the overnight fees but the base level of the thing is now operating. The site uses a number of price sources averaging them together in order to calculate the price and every second the price can potential change, as if a price change is detected on any of the price sources the site will refactor the averaged price. As it sits a margin of between 1x-10x will be available and the availability of the size of contracts that can be opened will be dependent on the size of the bankroll supplied by the community, still a few things to implement on the bankroll investing side of things.

Behind Schedule.. But Security > Rushing

Was aiming for the end of last month to get the beta really rolling, but due to some sickness I was unable to put the hours in that I wanted to. Trying to put atleast 8 hours a day/night into the site development currently in an attempt to tie up the last loose ends and get the site pushed to the public for testing. Lots of optimization of the codebase as well as cleaning it up is being done as well, as I realized the code was getting to the point it was no longer easily able to navigate. Trying to remember to push my git commits to the thing too as well so you guys can see what I'm working on, although I don't always remember to do this sadly.

Going to push some more hours here today after a quick nap, didn't sleep worth a damn last night but need to get things done. If all goes well this week maybe by the weekend we can get some people in to break things, although not making any promises. Will try and keep everyone updated.

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