Photography’s Sake

I’m not really a photographer - I’m a videographer

...and I don’t own a proper DSLR for photography anymore (although I guess a Gh5 would count?)

Anyway my point being; I don’t go out of my way to take photos.
But I really love the convenience of my phone camera, usually snapping away during the activities of my family during a busy day.

I sometimes get a collection of shots (without my kids in them) that I have a connection with.
These are some of those shots, which I thought would be worth a share today :)

We’ve had wonderful action packed and soul nourishing day out yesterday, seeing some friends who live in an awesome community living space out in a rural area near Sheffield.

It’s such a characterful place and it’s inspired some of these shots.

All photos taken on an iPhone X. Coloured and modified in the iOS photos app.

First up!

A for Anarchy. A symbol of true anarchy. That’s what it feels like most days in my house with my rowdy crew of kids.
Looks better in b&w than colour.


Dog Time
Unwinding with the dogs


Completely Sirius
A boat in a field, not far from a reservoir but not not close to the sea.


Tidy Up
We use shovels to either find treasure or tidy up. I know which I prefer.


Gotta catch em all!


Cheers for looking :)
This is the first photographs ‘for-the-sake-of-photographs’ post I’ve ever done.
If they strike a chord let me know in the comments.

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