Learning To Wait - The Consequences Of Living In A Fast Paced World!

It's crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves, how we so often, expect things to happen quickly, having little to no patience when it comes to allowing things to happen naturally. This idea that we need to find a solution right away, that there is no room for error. Yet our greatest learning comes from our mistakes!


When we are younger, we want to be be older, we can't wait to be in a position, where we get to make all the decisions. Some of us are so impatient to become adults, that we do whatever it takes to make ourselves appear physically older. We get caught up in this mindset early on and really miss out on the amazing opportunities that come from holding onto our childhood. It doesn't help when we are constantly told to grow up, to stop acting like a baby!

There is always this rush to get things done, to get to a certain place where we believe everything will be easier. Yet that place of serenity can only happen when we actually slow down!

We look for answers, seeking out information, entrusting our welfare into the hands of others, believing they know best, yet most of the answers we need are within, if we only learnt how to relax more and wait for them!

I have fought hard to let go and slow down, to not get caught up in this mindset, that has us rushing around, trying to meet deadlines. Most of which we place on ourselves. As though,they are a true reflection of how well we are doing/coping in our lives.

Of course there are certain things that need to be done within a certain time frame, but most things we can take our time with. Allow ourselves to really explore what needs to be done and actually do it more mindfully. Instead of it becoming a mindless task.

It is all a matter of energy at the end of the day and we ca continue to throw our energy into things, things that just use all that energy up, or we can do it in a way where we allow our energy to be used but then flow back to us. Such is the power of slowing down, as apposed to rushing!


I remember the first time I realized how impatient I had become. How misguided I was, how I had become so wrapped up in my mission, that I was missing out on the opportunity to actually be fully present and really experience life.

I was traveling in Brazil, waiting in line in a bank, so that I could exchange some money. It was hot and the queue was moving so slowly, I found myself getting more and more irritated and annoyed. I had somewhere better to be, better then standing in this line.

But what was the real problem here, why was I in such a rush?

I had been working in London previously and I had gotten use, to a certain way of life, quick service, fast paced. Even though I struggled with all of that when I first arrived, I found it really hard to adjust to living a faster pace. And here I was, upset because I was in a foreign country and the service was too slow.

Who had I become? I was actually shocked when I realized how impatient I felt, how I was really irritated, when instead I could just relax and soak up the chill atmosphere. Okay it was a bank, but most people where chatting to one another in the lie and once I snapped out of it, I realized that they were playing some wonderful Brazilian music.

So instead of tapping my foot out of impatience, I found myself swaying along to the music and actually making eye contact with other people and saying hello!

Wow what a difference that made, just the simply act of changing the way I thought and guess what, before I knew it, I was being served!


I spend most of my youth in the countryside, something I am very grateful for, because things tend to happen more naturally there. There is no rush really, everyone is just happy to let things happen in their own time. But once I moved to London, it changed me, a lot. Mostly in good ways, but surrendering to a fast paced lifestyle, meant that I lost out on so much happening around me.

It causes us a lot of stress, and we all know, that stress that is not dealt with, leads to dis ease. The way we think is so powerful, that having the patience to wait, can be a real game changer. Just like, giving yourself the time to figure things out for yourself, which is exactly what happens when you choose to home school your children.

You give them the opportunity to figure things out for themselves, improve their problem solving skills and really helping them become confident adults!

I guess it is hard not to get swept up in it, but it is possible not to be. After my very relaxing travels in Brazil, I returned to work in London and I held onto my lesson in patience and it really helped me to be more connected, with myself and with others.

When we go through life, rushing around, chasing after more time, we miss out on the magic that is present in each moment. We certainly do not really practice living mindfully and full of gratitude. Being impatient, the energy that it creates, is very similar to nervous energy. Our breathing increases and it is harder to think straight. We just focus on our own discontent and miss out on everything else that happens around us.

I still catch myself of course, I especially find myself doing it with my girls, as they live so in the present, that if I ask them to do something, it will only ever be in their own time, when they are ready. They like to finish, what they have begun first, which of course makes perfect sense, however that sense is not always something we have, when we are being inpatient lol.

I really do try my best to just observe them, and let them have the freedom they need, but also with certain responsibilities.

It's so true, that us parents like to share with our children all that we know about life, however they are the ones that are actually reminding us what life is all about!


All Images Used Are My Own!




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