My son visited his art lesson yesterday. It was his 3rd private lesson with an experienced painter. As a rule she has a group of 4-5 kids, but yesterday Vlad was alone, and he was lucky to have his individual lesson;)

The theme of his painting was still life.
I wasn't present at the lesson because it's a closed class, and parents are outside. Of course, I had some communication and have a rather good opinion about this teacher, but I have no chance to see by my own eyes how she behaves with kids.

Of course, I stayed nearby for the 1st time and tried to listen through the door:)) but it didn't work well:(

So I decided to create a game where I can see this teacher's behaviour closer - I proposed my son to be my painting teacher today.

I had to repeat his picture he had made with the teacher yesterday. I took brushes, a sheet of paper, I was his pupil today, and he was my teacher. And of course, being an art teacher, he behaved totally like his art teacher because it was his example.

He played his role very well and even made me some negative remarks when I wasn't attentive;))

I saw he copied her behaviour and even her words! because I know hoe he can speak - it was NOT his speech, he repeated phrases after her! That's what I needed!;)

I listened to all he said and sometimes asked:

  • Did your teacher say so testerday?

And he proved it.

We both liked this game because I really got some new info about painting:))
and the main - I could see how this teacher behaves when parents are out.
It's VERY important for me - who spends time with my son, and who influences his inner world.

For now I didn't see anything that worries me. She seems to be a nice woman. But my mother's heart is always ON;)

Look what my son made yesterday with a painting teacher

and that's what I painted today when he was my teacher;)

actually he said I was a bad pupil, and I needed to study more;))

Ok...my teacher;))

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