MY UNSCHOOLING: Development of interhemispheric interaction (exercises)

Do you use both of your hemispheres? And your kid?

If you wanna avoid any problems with memory, speech, writing, using logical thinking or creativity, or you wanna correct some disadvantages, then you can use easy exercises.

How and why to develop interhemispheric connections?

The human brain consists of two hemispheres: left and right.
Sometimes left hemisphere functions better, someotimes - the right one, and the ideal option is when both hemispheres of the brain function well.

The left hemisphere thinks logically, the right hemisphere thinks creatively.
It is clear that a person needs both of them. Therefore, it is desirable to develop interhemispheric connections. The better interhemispheric connections are developed, the higher the child's intellectual development, memory, attention, speech, imagination, thinking and perception will be.

Moreover, these exercises bring a lot of fun!

Just try to use both of your hands simultaneously! 😃

I wrote some pages of training for my son.
He had to write using both of his hands.
He is a left-hander, so it was a hard task for his right hand;)


the result


and he had to do almost the same but this time it was a picture




it seems to be easy but in fact it requires great concentration and attention. And yes, our second hand that is not leading feels really strange, and you feel how your brain starts working harder;)

Do you use such exercises, guys?

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