We don't need much money to develop our kids and make them happy;)
Can you make toys of anything that is nearby?
Can you create a game of anything that is around you now?

Sometimes it seems to me I can:)) and sometimes ordinary things that surround us every day can be used not for their direct purpose but and fun!

For example, do you know that screws can work as perfect developing toys for kids?

Anyone have them in their house, but as arule, we use them only for mechanical tasks or repair, and what about Screw games?

Such games can develop and improve:

­čîčfine motor skills
­čîčfunctioning of the cerebral hemispheres
­čîčcontrol of a kid's body

So we take:

  • screws
  • wooden sticks

And staaaaaaaart!

We must make a tower of screws using only sticks, no fingers at all.
It's really not easy at all! And the smaller screws we have, the more complicated this task is!

We tried 2 variants:

  • competition - whose tower is higher
  • team game - one after another we put one screw on the tower

Both are good!

it was our record;)

And then we had another fun - making different images using screws and bolts we took in my hubby's special men bag;)

We made robots, created names for them and stories what character they have, where they live, what they do, they are good or bad etc.
Storymaking is very useful for kids!

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