Do you know how does homework in the juniour classes of my country look now?

here it is

Nothing special, except....ЦДЗ that mean Digital Home Work.

It means kids should be registered at the digital platform, and they must enter it and make some tasks there using a PC.
Most often they just make tests, choosing right variants.

No writing, no training of motor skills, just clicking a mouse!

When I was a kid, we had numerous tasks for writing and oral speech, becase these skills are a background for all other skills that a kid will get in future.
Digital howeworks causes great harm for it.

I started to read comments under this post, and I was shocked even more.
Some teachers do understand negative effects of this innovation and ry to avoid it.

They just ignore and reject to use digital platforms because actually the official version is teachers and parents can reject doing it.
But in fact it differs.

Teachers who reject doing it lose money from their salary!
Moreover, if it doesn't stop them, these subjects (and teachers) are marked in the system, and the Head of school got info about it, and other offcials from departmewnt of education got this data as well.
And then a famouse scheme of pushing those who are "under" you is turned on.

So, even if teachers and parents have a sincere wish to avoid digitalization, it's a great problem to do it.

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