Weekly household expenses

Weekly household expenses

Currently I am a person who lives alone, the expenses provided correspond to me and they last about a week.

The @ocd initiative seems like a great idea to me, a way of understanding the needs of people around the world, their tastes and what they consume on a daily basis, it also seems to me an ideal way to collect data if someone requires it, it seems like a great way to request reliable and updated information on any subject.

Here I show some of the products and foods that I buy in El Gazón, it is a large supermarket, you can get everything, but expensive, it is on Las América avenue in the city of Mérida.

On this day I have to do some shopping, I needed flour to make an arepitas, this is a new product, I take one to prove that it works, you have to buy little by little the first time, it cost 2190000 bs, which in dollars It is about $ 1 per day and in Hive it is 1.32.

It also caused me a snack, I had not consumed this type of product for a long time, in addition to being an unnecessary product, the body asks you for some candy, this package cost me 1,200,000 bs, which in dollars would be $ 0.6 and in Hive 0 , 82.

I also bought butter for the arepas, this brand of butter (La estancia) had not been seen for a long time, although it is not butter itself, but margarine, this 250 gr container cost me 1800,000 bs which in dollars would be $ 0.82 and in Hive 1.08.

And to accompany the appetizers, I bought a luxury item in Venezuela, it is a 1.5 L Coke, I am not a lover of these drinks, because they are so harmful, but I no longer remember when was the last time I drank a very cold coke, when one does not drink something frequently and does it, it feels very good, besides once a year it does not hurt, as the saying goes; This soft drink cost me 2,600,000 bs which in dollars would be $ 1.2 and in Hive 1.58.

One of the required products that I ran out was the beans, they are prepared in various typical dishes in my region and it yields a lot, I bought ½ kilo of beans, they are at a good price the beans cost me 1,474,000 bs, which in dollars would be 0.67 $ and in Hive 0.88.

Finally, I bought a kilo of ground beef, the meat was on "sale" normally it is at 7,400,000 bs, which is about $ 3.37; Today it was at 6,000,000 bs, which would be $ 2.7 in dollars and 3.56 in Hive. In summary, it was a small expense that I make every week to replace what I ran out, that small purchase came out, at 39,600,000 bs, about $ 18 being about 23.76 Hive

There are other expenses that now have increased in my region and it is gasoline, previously as an oil country it did not spend so much on gasoline, now due to government lack of control, gasoline prices are more expensive than in some countries, here we pay for a liter of $ 0.5 gasoline that is about 11000000 bs or 0.6 Hive. The regime also gives subsidized gasoline in some stations but that is almost impossible to acquire since the queues are enormous and it is also for its elite personnel.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, it was taken with my old cell phone, a ZTE, because I don't have a smartphone, it was stolen from me here in Venezuela and I cannot replace it with a salary as a professional in the area of ​​science and health. I hope the information is useful.

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