There's Science in cooking


If you've been following my blogs you'd know I'm passionate about cooking it's one of my favourite things to do its also one of the most important skills to have. There's alot that goes into it and it is more of a science experiment than anything as it involves chemistry and having a broad understanding of proteins and enzymes. It also teaches you to follow instructions and one incorrect move and the whole thing goes South real fast.

Let's not forget about yeast, we add an actual creature or more so an organism to food which causes it to rise. Cooking is an amazing thing and goes far beyond simply putting a piece of meat on fire.

So, with that you should have seen little miss's face when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast last weekend, she responded with her favourite crepes! So I decided to turn things up a notch and ask her what colour she'd like.


She looked puzzled as crepes to her are white, but she responded with a cheeky grin "pink" and I said then let's make pink crepes! She thought I was telling fibs 🤣 so as the weekend arrived and she held me to account excited about learning how to make pink crepes I reached for the food dye left over from our previous celery science experiment and handed her one of those medicine drip thingies.


Within moments our batter turned from white to pink and little miss was extatic with what was occuring. She asked about what other colours we could make crepes as and I started to inform her about primary and secondary colours. Unfortunately I don't have any other dye on hand but we will be learning about colours and chemistry through food over the next few weekends with the next colour little miss has requested being purple!

I haven't told her about mixing blue and red together yet and I'll keep that part a surprise for another time.


I have to be honest with you, this was the first time I had done this and I had no idea if it was going to work out or not but as we commenced frying our crepes with little miss close by the pink colour really began to pop. It was bearly finished cooking and little miss wanted one already!


She threw in some remarks that no doubt will cause me a little pain in the not so distant future requesting that we make pink crepes for her and blue crepes for Lil Bloke. Hoping not to have to separate batter mixtures but I can see this becoming a trend, especially if she wants to have a day of mixed colours crepes!


So what was the verdict of our food science experiment? Little miss recommends pink crepes as they are way more tastier than normal crepes. Of course we filled the crepes with vanilla ice cream which she also topped with maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Kids are quite odd with their eating habits, I can not think of anything more worse.


Good ol dad opted for an old fashioned plane Jane crepe with vanilla ice cream, nothing to fancy but I will say one thing. The addition of the pink food dye almost made me think I was eating a strawberry flavoured crepe. There was no additional food flavourings added to the mix just vanilla extract and sugar but it sure did trick my brain into believing I was eating something else.

I wonder if it did hers too.

Oh and lil bloke? Well his a bit like me and he'll eat just about anything.

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