Science Class: Biology


Good evening homeedders I hope you're having a wonderful day we're coming up with new ways to learn things, well not so new as this is a common experiment at school for biology that teaches you about planet cells which I thought I'd run through with little miss..... except that she kept eating the science experiment 🤣

I had to keep trying to instruct my learner not to eat the celery, where it was perfectly safe to eat as I had just purchased it we were saving it for the experiment. I had given her a piece to eat thinking that it would suffice her but, alas once she finished it she started back at our experiment.

Her excuse was pretty simple But dad, I really really like celery can't blame a kid for enjoying her veggies can you?


So for this experiment you're going to need a plant, any plant will do but it works best with celery as celery is a light green with veins running through it which gives it more of a visual effect. If you use something like roses you're going to have to wait a few days for the paddles to change colour. Although if you use white roses and splint the stem into two and place into two different coloured dyed cups and you can rip out some really cool multicoloured white roses. But we're just sticking boring celery.

You'll also need one of those plunge thingies, food dye little miss wanted pink, a cup to put the celery and dye in to together. A spoon and a mixing bowl.


You want to pop a few drops of food dye into the water, don't need to much but enough to change the colour of the water. Little miss got a little carried away and put a few more drops in Just to be sure she said.


Give it a stir so that it is all mixed and combined ensuring a lovely pink consistency as this will ensure our celery turns pink!


All this hard work is making us hungry so before we move onto the next step it's time to stop for a quick snack and take another bite of our delicious science experiment equipment. If we do it with a cheeky smile then it's OK?


Now it's onto the tricky part which is why we are doing this outside, as little miss raised we should really be using safety glasses and our science aprons. But I don't really know where they are so we're just outside. Need to becareful with food dye as it can stain and we don't want to damage anything inside the house or our clothes.

So with a steady hand we slowly pour the water into our cup and prepare it for the celery.


Now we place the celery into our what little miss calls special magic potion to sit and drink. I can't really remember how long it takes to work but little miss has gone to bed now and I'm tipping once she wakes up in the morning it will begin to turn pink!

Stay tuned for updates and I'll be happy to report her excitement at our experiment learning about plant cells and biology. All this was brought on by me cutting the grass and little miss asking me how the grass grows and I spoke about photosynthesis and how grass drink water and hold it in their leaves.

An easier way to talking to her about it was through a science experiment and some good old fashioned fun!

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