Learning to Ice Skate


It's the weekend and we are off on another adventure this time we headed to the show! haha! not really but kind of as we visited the Eynesbury Winter Festival where an ice skating rink had been specially established. You might be thinking this is a common thing where you're from but here in Australia where it never snows this is a rare occurrence.

Snow is something we only experience through movies or if we shell out a lot of money to head to the Alpine region high up the mountains. There are only two locations where it snows in Australia that will have sufficient snow cover to ski and undertake other activates.

But as little miss was keen to learn how to ice skate we decided to take her out to the ice skating rink for a trial. I have to admit she is super determined and I am starting to think I raised her well.

Once we put the skates on she wanted to go it alone but I got her a little Kanga which enables the kids to sit and ride as parents skate with them. To be honest I have never ice skated but I was an avid roller blader so I didn't think it was going to be much different.


Unfortunately it was way different although it is similar it took a little while to figure out what I was doing once again. If I could explain it to those who have never ice skated but have roller bladed that is that it is like roller blading just a lot more slippery.

After a few quick laps around little miss wanted to be on her own so I took her through the paces of how to roller blade/ Ice skate as she attempted to keep walking instead of gliding.


It didn't take her too long to find some balance and it was an exciting thing to watch but that "little bit more slippery than roller blades thing" happened and little miss hit the ground in a super hero pose.


We continued to use the Kanga to maintain balance and practice but I have to admit I was quite scared the whole time as the blades on ice skates although not overly sharp could cut little misses fingers off if she hit the ground and there were people around.

This week I will be looking for a pair of roller blades to find her so we can get to practicing some more.

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