Home education during Lockdown


What a year 2020 was and it doesn't look like 2021 will be much better with the current pandemic sending many countries around the globe into lockdown. This has also ment a lot of parents are home-schooling their kids for the first time. I never saw myself as home-schooling my kids but alas, the time has come and here I am.

The first thing that comes to mind that I hear from many parents is that they didn't do well at school, or they can't do the school work. English and Maths come to mind. It's important to note that everyone struggles with these and we build skills over the years.


Home schooling is more than just English and Maths, it's about setting out kids an example and teaching them life skills. I personally love cooking and I love eating :)

Cooking consists of English, Maths and Chemistry, I bet you didn't know that. We learn fractions and how to subtract and add. Chemistry is chemicals and proteins bonding together to form the tastes we know and love.


Reading the instructions and doing build motor skills and further develop your neurological abilities and problem solving skills.

See, school is more than school. It is education. I watched as many friends found the work their kids were given as hard. But I have been teaching my daughter and soon my son since they were born. From those practical life skills they are applied to school work. Some of it becomes too easy for them.


Its about teaching kids in a fun and dynamic way that they don't even know that they are learning. I've become an ace cook in my life. My wife doesn't go near the kitchen as it's my domain. I used to guard it until we had kids and now lil miss 3 wants to learn.

If you think this is the limit if her abilities, wait until you see her make home made passata and salami, cutting and hanging meat in the garage to cure. Now that is a major chemistry lesson. One wrong move and botulism gets you.

Happy to report, we ain't dead yet 🤪

Happy home schooling and if you're doing it for the first time, don't sweat the hard stuff. Focus on making learning fun and engaging. You'll breeze through it in no time.

My cooking skills allow me to calculate fractions and percentages in real life situations. That is a skill I have built over time and I use it as a party trick at times.

Lil Miss 3 is getting better at fractions and since cooking can count really well.

I'm still working on the reading and writing part, but that requires a larger attention span as it isn't the most fun thing to do.

Happy Home Schooling!