Home Education Curation Collection. 19th June 2021

I'm a little early this week with the community highlights, as we celebrate my father's birthday tomorrow. Once again it's been a fun week of ideas, discussion and activities and I hope you enjoy what we've got for you.

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I just loved @emiliomoron’s variety of approaches to learning addition in fun and engaging ways. Each one of these can, of course, be used or expanded on to cover other areas of maths.

@trucklife-family shares some thoughts on the school system and how her experiences have made her feel about it. What were your experiences of school like and did it lead to how you decided to educate your own children?

For hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years theatre has been used as a way to record and pass down knowledge. We call it entertainment, yet knowledge shared in entertaining ways is generally better remembered than knowledge just passed on in lectures. @taliakerch shares her experience taking her son to the theatre to learn about ancient history and culture.

Apparently it's salami season in Australia, so @melbourneswest and daughter are making salami for the coming year. It’s no simple task and any mistakes could result in botulism poisoning, so things need to be measured out in just the right amount. This really puts the science into cooking and I can't wait to see the next stage.

Continuing on the theme of food preparation, @yusvelasquez discusses the various opportunities for learning which can happen in the kitchen, as she cooks with her little one.

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