Paint by sticker kids book.

Hello friends,

Today we got a package that my husband ordered for kids. He didn’t tell us what he ordered, so it was a surprise for me and the kids.

Here you go, it’s a book called Paint by sticker kids. Looks like a puzzle or mosaic picture activity.

Below you can see my daughter’s first attempt. She wasn’t so happy about white gap lines between the pieces. I told her that it looks even better than if she would perfectly put them with no gap together. Because in my opinion these white lines add some more details and volume. Otherwise it would look all grey and flat. I was honest with her, and happy that it made her not to worry that she made a mistake.


Here is the front cover of the book.


Description how to use it.


On the back cover you can see other pictures that are included in this book.


I think we got hooked and will search and order more of the series from Paint by sticker kids.

I hope this short review was useful and you also can try doing this activity with your kids.

Thank you for visiting!

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