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Part 72

There was a tense moment where it seemed as though Adiran might summon forth his magics to strike at the odd pair of undead twins.

Then his anger subsided and he walked to the center of the room. He drew forth a bag of powder from a pouch that was hidden in his robes.

He drew a circle on the ground with the powder and then several smaller markings in runes. "This small circle is for Mortis. You will need to stand in it when we summon you to the other side."

"How do we get back home?" Magna asked.

"We are tied to the living realm. I will open a sort of gate that will allow us to pass back since we belong there. Adrian was stuck because he was half belonging here." Adiran stood and looked at each of the companions. "We needed to be in a special place that would allow us easy access into the realm of Death."

"Does that mean that Mortis would have been able to pass here easier on his own?" Helga asked. "Could we not have sent him on his own to do all of this?"

"Fools!" Ostia spat. "You know nothing that the Ancient Kings and Queens sacrificed to ensure your safety... and that success is paved in... sacrifice." She became more somber and turned to look at her brother. "We all sacrificed dearly for our family."

Mortis walked slowly to stand before Ostia. "This might be the last time..."

"We thought that last time we said goodbye." Ostia's voice was actually gentle as she said this. They had not seen her this soft since they had met the wraith.

Mortis merely walked up to Ostia and wrapped his arms around her armored body.

"I am sorry you had to be here alone." He said.

"I am sorry I assumed that you had it better off than me." Ostia hugged her brother back. When they parted their embrace, her face became determined once more. "I shall guard our dead..."

"... as I shall guard our living." The armoured twins saluted one another with their weapons and Mortis approached Adiran.

The mage seemed to be suppressing his irritation. "Right. It's time to get this done. I shall summon you back to the living world. For that I shall need your proper names... not just what you were called in living, also your name or names carried in undeath as well as your oathbound names. Do you understand?"

Mortis nodded his head, his mouth set in a grimace.

"When I was alive... I was called..."

"Just hold it right there!" Adiran raised his hand up. "Once you speak your names we do not have a lot of time. The Gods move beyond time and thus are often slow to respond in a sense. Sometimes they are already there when you reveal yourself, other times they take days to react. Best we behave as though we have no time at all."

"So what do we do?" Magna asked.

"Everyone stand as close together to Magna as you can. Derrick, Helga... the lifedrinker and Rhyn is gone already. As soon as I am done on Mortis' recall spell, I will need to jump us back to the castle. Everyone get ready!"

There was a shimmer of darkness and Ostia was nearly on top of it when she realized that it was the life-drinker from before. "You again?"

The shadowy character spread his hands wide. "My apologies. Lucien sent me to check on you Adiran."

"Just go back and tell everyone to clear the room where we are standing," Adiran commanded. "I would hate to have to do all of this again."

"What?" Magna asked.

"As you wish!" The lifedrinker bowed and disappeared again.

"Right... now... everyone stay in position!" Adiran ordered. "We need to do this quickly. Mortis... your turn."



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