Christmas, And Raid Bosses


"RUN!!! Jonah, head for the cornfield. I'll distract it." Said Maca, the Shaggi princess.

"Why don't I distract it?" suggested Jonah, ever the Maggi gentleman.

"Because you couldn't outrun a snail." she replied, matter of factly.

"Hey, I came in first in a marathon, before everything went crazy."Jonah said indignantly.


A massive monster, called a Raid Boss, was after them. Its scorpion-like tail emitted a powerful electrical charge, and it was throwing bolts that would have made the ancient Greek gods proud! It could smell BUDS all over their clothing. The one goal of these strange and deadly creatures seemed to be making life unbearable for the Shaggis and the Maggis.

"Point taken, but that's before, not now. I'm faster, so get going. We need to split up in a second." Maca replied.

"You are right... But I never thought I'd be having a calm discussion while running for my life!" he replied with a heartfelt laugh.

"NOW!" shouted Maca, as she veered left. She gave a mighty battle cry, attracting the attention of the Raid Boss. It slithered after her, seeming to glide over the unpaved road.

Jonah headed into the cornfield, and cut across towards the farm. "Maca will meet me there, after she loses that thing. I'm glad it didn't make it further in, where the real growing happens! It would have wiped out a whole season of blood, sweat, and tears!" he thought, remembering the carnage a Raid Boss had recently caused at Wilson's place all too vividly.

"I can't afford to dwell on those things. If I do, I'll freeze up in front of one of those abominations one day, then I'm fertilizer." he reminded himself.

Close to Lost Angeles

"Hey, stupidface! Want some of this?!?!" asked Maca, wriggling her behind invitingly. The wide grin on her face would have told anyone watching that she was having entirely too much fun taunting the monster, which looked like something that might have escaped from a horror movie.

Soon the creature was lost in the heart of the mostly abandoned metropolis, and Maca cautiously worked her way towards the outskirts. "With the only inhabitants being the undead, I don't fancy stopping for supper." she thought, shuddering at the memory of their stench.

Once in the countryside, Maca breathed a tired sigh, and began the long trudge home. "Times like this, I wish I had some wheels." she thought, as she stopped to remove a pebble not much larger than a grain of sand.

On MacaJo BUDS Farm

"Won't Maca be surprised!" beamed Jonah, as he shined the hubcaps of a sleek black motorbike. Balanced on the seat, a brand new pair of tennis shoes. "She's been been complaining about walking ever since her favorite shoes wore out. This will show her what Christmas really feels like!" he thought to himself, remembering trying to describe how much fun the day had been for him as a kid.

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Artwork is my own, created using Apophysis and Gimp. Edited in Canva.

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