When Light Becomes Absent - Chapter Two


This is part 2/3 of my serial fiction story for the Scholar&Scribe/DreemPort challenge.

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Chapter II - No Shit Sherlock

Trapped in Total Darkness since I woke up.
How long was I up?

The headache was residing just a little, but I had no sense of time. It can not be that long as I still sat on the plastic-coated mattress. For sure it was less than an hour and during that time I had not seen a damn thing, it could be my eyes or I was in a place where no light entered. Neither did I hear anything aside from the sounds I made myself.

Had I been locked up in some crazy serial killer's basement?
Or worse did some crazy ass ex-girlfriend drug me and lock me up somewhere for breaking her heart?
The latter started making more sense than I initially thought, not the girlfriend part but the other part. My headache did feel like one I would wake up with after an amazing party, but there was something not right here.

Whenever I had a hangover I would clearly notice that I couldn´t stomach alcohol that well... I would be throwing up or at least feeling like it could happen at any moment.
Instead, I felt hungry....really hungry. Based on my stomach it must be around 11:30 AM.

I stretched out my arms to get a bit of a feel of what was surrounding me. Only on one side, I touch a wall. It was similar to the floor I touched, cold and rough. But the fact that both ends of my mattress did not touch a wall was weird.

Well, it would be even weirder if this mattress would be lying in the middle of wherever I was, but not putting it in a corner just felt weird. Maybe that was just me being too logical.

I started moving on hands and feet in one direction as I did not dear walking. The floor might have some stairs or even end with no warning. I crawled around for several minutes until I reached another wall. I did not come across any objects. The floor felt the same everywhere. This must be a pretty big room if it took me at least several minutes to crawl from one side to the other.

Finding my way back to where I started took even longer, I must have taken a wrong turn or somebody moved that lousy excuse for a mattress without making a sound.

Why was I trying to get back to that mattress anyway? It was not like it would bring me much closer to answering the question of what I was doing here. Maybe there were even better places, maybe this place would hold an armchair for me to sit in and think. But no, I had to go back to where I started just because it felt like the logical thing to do.

No for the sake of being logical what could have caused me to end up here?

Yes, the serial killer or crazy ass ex theory definitely is feasible. But what would be the most logical explanation?

As a Big Sherlock Holmes fan, I knew that if I would deduct and eliminate the impossible, I would end up with that what would be the most logical however illogical it might sound.

So let me try that.

  • I am an average guy with an average job.
  • My job would not expose me to anything that is worth kidnapping and possibly blinding me for.
  • We are in a bear market so it would not make sense to kidnap me to get your hands on my crypto wallet.
  • I do not have a large family and certainly, no relatives that would pay a ransom or could be pursued into doing something by holding me hostage.

No, none of the above provide a logical cause for this effect.
My life has been pretty stable these last couple of years, still, everything points at me being held somewhere for some reason. So what did I do?

Or better what did I do differently lately that put me in this situation?

Even though I like to think differently, I am becoming more and more aware that I am just an ordinary man with a touch of strange.
That must be the key, that touch of strange. Now I left that strange life behind for some time now, why would it be coming for me all of a sudden?


That couldn´t be it, I mean who on the whole world wide web would have believed that?
The longer I thought about it, the more it seemed to be the only possible explanation next to the serial killer and crazy ex theory of course.

I had to laugh out loud and that echo sounded almost scary, this place was huge.
Would they truly be that good?
Could they, from all the fake news on the internet, really have picked up on this, on me? It was not that I was trying to hide my identity, but that was because I simply did not expect anyone to believe me. To take my personal stories with a soundtrack seriously.......

It was the only other explanation that made sense, there was just one thing I had been doing differently lately.
On top of that, they would have the means to get me here. They would have many facilities like this one. A place that allowed you to hold someone beyond the reach of light and sound.

How crazy it might sound, they would be as logical an explanation as the other two. No, I am lying they would be the most logical explanation as they were the only ones that would have means, motive, and opportunity.

If the ball of quicksilver slugging through my brain had shrunk...it was back now in full force.

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

Preview Chapter Three - The Truth is out there

That would make the truth that I would have been kidnapped by the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, or any other shady, well-funded, above-the-law group of people that the elite had put in place to protect their supremacy.

Now I had been warned. They told me that what we see in the movies is closer to the truth than we would like to believe. But you would not go and kidnap some ordinary guy for writing a blog...... unless it comes too close to what you know is real.

Chinese Man - Ordinary Man

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Soon I will share the last chapter and shed light on this disturbing situation.

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