Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Chapter 11

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Recap Chapter 1-10

In the previous parts, I died, visited hell, looked into the eyes of its ruler, had dinner, and walked out of that place gifted.

Hell wanted my soul but did not notice they could not have it fully.

I was a dead guy on a mission, planning to re-establish the balance between heaven and earth.

The plan involves an army of black nymphs and their offspring. A bloodline that should one day reach till heaven. That day has come and I am in His sanctuary, ready to call him out for what He really is.

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Chapter 11

(At last I receive the reward for waiting ages. I summon His presence, the time has come to challenge Him. The confrontation is inevitable, His glory too faded to be polished up again.

The next stage in human development will start it will allow mankind to grow into a wise kind. A unity based on support for your fellow man, many will perish or eventually die. Out of respect for his environment, man will shrink his own population.

No more room for "His" the more that believe in me the married mentality.)

I had centuries to study Him. I researched His ways on earth to come to the meager discovery that He is not what the high religious lords claim. From all the actions to be read I only discovered punishment and cruelty. Never did he spare a person who made 'wrong' choices. Even those who made the right choice were sacrificed.

By being the punisher he ensured their loyalty. Because you were damned if you did and damned if you didn´t (believe). Unfortunately, as soon as the paradisiacal tranquility of death was found, He was no longer around.

"Heaven" was said to be a beautiful place, open to all souls who bear the approval of white angels. The reality was not quite that, it was only a resting place, an intermediate station before they are pushed to participate again in the infinite.

These so-called intellectual animals themselves do not know what is going on in their heads. Making minimal use of the capacity that has been given to them. Neither is mankind urged on by her maker.

This while my children on average use double the capacity compared to his offspring. They are driven to learn, to strive. As once a race of monkeys was born through its seed, so I abuse its descendants to strengthen a weak creation.


"Yahweh I defy you. Your part is over. You are a forgotten attraction. An unrecognizable figurehead of a ghost ship. You have wandered for centuries on an exhausted sea of ​​souls." Where the whirlwind has manifested itself until now, a shadow arises. An old man, gray, in long white robes quietly approaches. Perial, my only living son, embrace your father.

Hallowed Be My Name

Father! Yes, our father who art in heaven. My father was a dog, my mother a whore, recognize your creation and behold. The space is being filled by both our energy fields, I still feel mine expanding. The power of millions fills my being. Now my hands travel too. Billions of lightning flash back and forth above my head. The strength I receive from so many lost souls takes hold of me. A euphoric feeling, master of life, death, time, space, place, and outcome.

I aim my palms loaded with the confidence of billions at the center of his presence. He is literally reeling now that the earth is turning its back on him, but that was the most spectacular thing about this hostile takeover.

His energy field, torn apart by the loss of confidence, grows. The old man grows many times bigger. His aura is a gold-colored cloud, which obscures underlying images. My mighty blue field meets his and stands firm. Until I notice that my energy is being suppressed. With maximum effort, I lash out again.

It doesn't help. He encompasses me completely. An incomprehensible mass of energy surrounds my presence including the hundreds of thousands of souls who accompany me. It's like my brain is about to explode, burning, flaming hydrochloric acid eats through my memory. Tearing pain fission in the depths of my being. Forced to let go of what makes me supernatural, stronger than ever before, the primal instincts take over.

Unconscious all-knowing forces closed under a deep, now breached, layer of development. A stream of recognition flows through me, silver-gray as mercury. Suffocating and yet fulfilling as if the basis of existence originated in me.

The power unknown, I extend my arm to him, to suck the power, an unprecedented unification. I see worlds unknown to me and can spin them in opposite directions, I feel the presence of the total and am fully connected in their being, their seeing, their pain. Behold past and present in an instant and aware of all presence I realize we are one. I am also him, and we are 'God'.

Succeeded where an angel failed, a former human in the most impossible position? The answer filled me right away. If an angel failed, and a human succeeds, that means the role could only be filled by a human.

Roger Waters - What God Wants, Pt. I (2015)

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This story is mine and was originally written in Dutch, I finally got around to working on the translation I hope you enjoy let me know in the comments.

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