The Invisible Challenge: Dreem-WOTW Season 2 Round 1

Welcome to Season 2 Round 1

Dreem Word of the Week


You can find out about the history of wotw and it's transition from pob-wotw to dreem-wotw here

The word for this round is...

... invisible ...

We hope that you will feel challenged and inspired to write a short story, poem, introspective piece, or discursive essay - philosophical or otherwise. We know that *invisible* can be examined from many different angles; some may still be hidden in themselves... which one will you choose? We invite you to share your perspective with us...

1 ) Where and when must I post?

Contestants will be allowed to enter dreem-wotw posts created on any platform and within any community - as this promotes greater inclusivity and engagement opportunities.

BUT... they will be required to share the URL for their dreem-wotw entry in Dreemport on the specific contest submission day set aside by Dreemport for dreem-wotw, in order to be considered for any of the dreem-wotw placings and prizes, as the Dreemport phase of grading is an important first step in the process, to shortlist the entries.

Note: You may publish your entry on your home blogging platform whenever you choose, however, it is suggested that you publish on the same day that entries are required to be shared in Dreemport, if you wish to align voting windows on your blogging platform with the timeframes over which Dreemport curators will be viewing your post and dreem-wotw grading teem will be grading (and potentially upvoting).

All entries will be screened by Dreemport screeners for plagiarism, and copyright infringement (all images must be credited back to the original photographers, and URL links to those images on royalty-free sites MUST be provided).

In addition, if any entry is found to be a re-spin of another writer's earlier entry to the contest, such that it appears that the second article clearly relied on and drew too much inspiration from the first, then the second entry will be disqualified, much in the same way that plagiarism disqualifies an entry.

This month the Dreemport submission date is:

Tuesday 24th January between 4 am UTC and 23h59 UTC

Please note...


The curation/submission cycle starts and ends at these times so there is unfortunately little room for flexibility. All valid submissions to Dreemport will be reviewed and ranked by public curators the following day.

If you want to have your voice heard in this respect, simply log on the next day and curate and rank the 5 random contest posts assigned to you.

2 ) The Grading Phase

At the end of the 24-hour cycle, Dreemport will provide an official top 5 reader's favourites. We will also be able to access the top 5 Dreemport staff entries in the background and will run two contest pools to keep staff and public entries separate 😊

Members of the grading team are able to write to the prompt but, like staff, their posts will be excluded from Dreemport official rankings, and additionally, they will not be eligible for prizes.

The top 5's will then be graded by the dreem-wotw team using a NEW Merit grading system which now incorporates some aspects of the ORIGINAL Merit Grading Model developed by @scholaris and others added by @juliamulcahy.

The top 3 graded posts in both contest pools will become the official winning entries in dreem-wotw.

How to use Dreemport

If you have not used Dreemport before, you will need to register on, which is a quick and easy process.

You may want to start by taking a look at these videos by @dreemsteem ...

Getting started on dreemport

If anyone has any difficulty registering and trying out the platform, please tag me or @wrestlingdesires here on this post and we will help you to get this little piece of admin out of the way as painlessly as possible 😊

3 ) Engagement metrics
In order to promote healthy community engagement, one of the merit grading criteria is engagement. In order to earn any engagement points it is necessary to do public curation of the contest posts in Dreemport as part of your random 5 allocation, the day following contest submissions to Dreemport. You will earn 1 point for doing the curation and another 1-3 points based on the quality of your engagement in those 5 posts.

Note: doing public curation of the contest posts and engaging meaningfully during that curation, often makes a difference in the final positions of the contest ;-)

Which tag should I use?

The new tag to be used for the contest will be dreem-wotw as the contest will be hosted by Dreemport, and the primary token associated with the contest going forward will be the dreem token. Using the tag, it will enable others to find your dreem-wotw entries more easily going forward.

Don't forget you can use the #scholarandscribe tag on your posts to earn scholar and scribe tokens too.

Two contests in one!!!

1 ) Participation prizes:

There will be a random draw for all valid entrants. The first public and staff entries drawn using will each receive 100 Ecency points... 🙂

2 ) dreem-wotw final graded placings:

***This month we are thankful to the following sponsors: @dreemsteem and @dreemport for Dreem tokens

@melinda010100 and @ecency for Ecency point sponsorship

@dibblers.dabs and The Scholar and Scribe creative writing community for Scholar and Scribe tokens.

@amberkashif for ecency point sponsorship of 4th and 5th place in both public and staff categories of the contest.

@ahmadmanga for boosting the prize pool with ecency points

Scholar and Scribe Sponsorship

If your entry is short story fiction or poetry, feel free to post it in the Scholar and Scribe community. All entries (no matter where you post them) can use the #scholarandscribe tag if you wish—this will help you earn both SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens.

Learn more about S&S here and consider joining the community if you haven’t already.

Public contest pool

1st - 500 Dreem Tokens, 1 Dreemport Featured Post, 400 Ecency points, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd - 225 Dreem tokens, 250 Ecency points, 50 Scholar

3rd - 100 Dreem Tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 Scholar

4th - 150 Ecency points

5th - 150 Ecency points

1st - 250 Dreem tokens, 1 Dreemport featured Post, 400 Ecency points, 50 Scholar, 2 Scribe

2nd - 125 Dreem tokens, 250 Ecency points, 50 Scholar

3rd - 50 Dreem tokens, 150 Ecency points, 50 Scholar

4th - 150 Ecency points

5th - 150 Ecency points

If anyone would like to provide additional sponsorship for the contest, please feel free to contact me in discord.

Grading teem:
There are 8 members on the dreem-wotw grading teem. These roles are currently voluntary, although adhoc disbursements may be made if funds allow. The current grading teem consists of:

@alekst7 @wrestlingdesires @iskafan @juliamulcahy @itsostylish @palomap3 @cescajove @samsmith1971

If anyone else is interested in becoming part of the grading team, they can drop me a message in discord at: SA_Sam1971#1299 to be considered, as future needs arise.

All efforts to promote dreem-wotw are much appreciated.

Why not bring a friend or two along for the ride this month? Tag them and invite them to take part 😉 Reblogging is not required but is appreciated to help us to extend the reach of the contest. It helps to bring in new contestants and to keep things fresh for all of us, and new writers give us an opportunity to learn more from each other and lend each other more support.

The following people expressed an interest in taking part in dreem-wotw (and I added a few who I thought may be interested too):

@abdul-qudus @acgalarza @adoore-eu @ahmadmanga @alekst7 @amberkashif @anonymous02 @aroojkhalid @atyourservice @ayesha-malik @balikis95 @bananzell @beeber @belleflower @blackdaisyft @bluefinstudios @bobthebuilder2 @b0s @buezor @cescajove @chincoculbert @cool08 @coquicoin @corporateay @creatr @daje10 @dansabest9 @darthsauron @deeanndmathews @deraaa @dibblers.dabs @diebitch @d-pend @dreemsteem @dwixer @edystringz @erh.germany @esther-emmanuel @flamistan @fragozar01 @freedomprepper @funshee @george-dee @giftedwriter @grindan @grocko @hannes-stoffel @harryjoe5432 @hollowins @hopestylist @idksamad78699 @idlemind @ifarmgirl @ijohnsen @intishar @iskawrites @itsostylish @iwannabeme @jane1289 @jaxsonmurph @jfuji @joseph23 @juliamulcahy @kamarah @kei2 @kemmyb @kenechukwu97 @khaleesii @ksam @leeart @lightpen @litguru @lordtimoty @marbrym @maryjacy @mcyusuf @memeisfun @merit.ahama @mineopoly @mmykel @morenow @mrenglish @mypathtofire @nevies @ngwinndave @nickydee @nkemakonam89 @nonsowrites @oceanbee @officialrosh1 @olawalium @olujay @palomap3 @penderis @pinkchic @princessbusayo @queenstarr @raj808 @repayme4568 @restcity @riverflows @sam9999 @shadowspub @simgirl @snook @stevehodl @stevemuis @strangegravy @stuartcturnbull @sunbeam3 @taimen @talon12 @tengolotodo @teknon @treasuree @unklebonehead @vikbuddy @wongi @wrestlingdesires @whywhy @zyzymena

All new entrants each month will be added to the list.

Please let me know if you would prefer not to be tagged and you will be removed from the list, and if you are reading this and would like to be tagged going forward, please comment below and I will add you💗.

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