Broken soul is an illusion.

Even the most ferocious souls are not immune to life pains and struggles.

Some souls cry silently and use tears to water a broken soul to make it grow whole again slowly. Perhaps a broken soul is an illusion, and sadness makes it emotional.

There is one pain we often feel from within every time, which makes us sad, and it is inevitable emotion in life.

I saw many people sad about life, but I have not seen a broken soul.

Even a happy life cannot exist without sadness, for a happy life is not complete without being able to dwell in the ocean of tears and darkness.

When I am sad, I cry it out. I feel broke, but I am not broken.

I usually end up crying. I view tears as power and not a weakness. I am trying to understand that life is like an ocean of sorrow and a mountain of happiness.

There is no broken soul, only a sad feeling.

Sometimes I keep a lot to myself because not all people can understand every reaction, and only tears can comfort the burden; in the end, I have myself.

Tears may seem to be marks of weakness, but it implies great condition power to manage myself and prompt me to make choices that improve life as they speak more eloquently than so many tongues.

In fact, tears power me. Tears wash away my pain and sadness, clearing my mind so I could think well after, and cleansing and emptying my heart from burdens replacing it with hope, soothing my soul so I could breathe again and feel alive, ready to face a new day.

Consequently, tears are power, for they are the messengers of mine. Overwhelming grief, deep repentance, unspeakable love, and whatever personal problems I face badly push me to go beyond limits to improve my life.

Everyone feels sad sometimes, but it feels so sorry when I am bombarded with many personal problems along with the difficulty of finding a solution, for I am becoming more emotional in life.

And then, I realized that understanding myself and my problems is vital to resolving everyday issues.

What matters most is managing and understanding all life's difficulties while coping with them with great power and motivation. It is okay to feel sad, for life is incomplete without problems. But there is a need to acknowledge and recognize all the situations that bring it into our existence.

Most importantly, there is a great need to give me enough time to deal with my problems and cope with them so I will eventually feel better over time. And that let myself be saving me when there would be no one to rescue me during challenging moments.

The splendid sea once told me never to drown myself, no matter how deep it is.

Sometimes the sea in my life is so calm, making a happy life, but most of the time, the sea is full of waves that I have to swim successfully to fight all the obstacles so I would not end up drowning me.

Personal problems make me sad. I am sad because of the emotional difficulties in life just as having troubles in my surroundings, losing a loved one or friend, being sick or when somebody is sick, embracing challenges, struggles, and burdens that are very difficult to fight back, experiencing changes from within, and other changes in my thoughts that lead to overthinking.

I may have endured a lot through sadness, but I am always saving myself before I will be drowned in an ocean of sorrow and despair.

And that I am trying to breathe even underwater so I can always move forward despite being pushed in many directions as I adjust my strokes in an ocean of tears one day at a time while remembering the great lessons throughout my existence because they are igniting the strong spirit from within.

There is no exemption for every individual regarding sadness, as many inevitable reasons and other feelings and emotions bring it about. However, sorrow makes us appreciate pure happiness.

I saw many people sad about life, including myself, but I have not seen a broken soul.

People wanted to explore something new, but everything seemed already explored. The more a person understand certain things, the more one wishes not to understand them to know a certain truth.

Even the most brutal souls are not immune to heavy and deep pains. They cried silently and used their tears to slowly water the tiny broken pieces inside and make them grow like renewed hearts.

It is normal to cry cause tears symbolize pain, and that pain will become the source of power to move and continue our journey in life. But tears water a broken soul to make it whole again.

Broken soul is an illusion of feelings and emotions.

A broken soul is created by a reflection of unbearable pain and constant struggles that seem to be never-ending. But in reality, it is simply an illusion of feelings and emotions.

It is okay to be sad as it is a part of the many ups and downs of life, and it can prompt us to make choices that improve life. It is a matter of self-understanding, and it is essential to keep a solid spirit to manage ourselves and cope with whatever problems bring sadness to our existence.

Perhaps a broken soul is an illusion of feelings and emotions, and sadness makes it feel broken.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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