Folly Says Near, Wisdom Says Distant

Dreem-wotw: Distant

I have been on this road for quite some time now, and right now I can see no one around. All I have to keep me going is the hope of drinking from the pool I see in the distance... and returning with gold.

The sun was blazing hot as I looked at the road stretching far away from me. Yes, I can see it from here. I know that all I need to do is to pick up courage and keep moving until I get to the pool.

I tried to find a shelter to rest for a while but could only see a lone tree a few feet away. I managed to trudge towards it, and as soon as I got there, I pulled out my water bottle. I had just very little water left in it. I could finish it in one gulp, but on second thought I decided to sip just a little. Well, that's because I suddenly remembered my last experience.

You see, last time, I set out on a mission to get to the horizon. For a long time I prepared to visit the place where the heaven touches the earth. I thought I had it all figured out before setting out. Alas, the closer I thought I was getting to my 'destination', the further it moved away from me. Thank God that Wisdom found me on time, I would have been long dead on that mission.

So why did I start this mission after my last experience? It seems I have been spending so much time playing with Folly. Yes, it was Folly that showed me this pool of water in the distance. I should not have trusted him again after last time, but I changed my mind because he said there is plenty of gold in that pool. Why else would I have come this far if not for the thought of getting all the gold?

The gold... I quickly corked the water bottle and got up. Before I could take the first step, all I saw was darkness.

"No! This can't be happening again!" That was my last thought for some time. Then I heard a voice. It was the voice of Wisdom. "How did you find me?" I wanted to ask, but couldn't. Yet Wisdom seemed to hear my silent question, for he responded and I will forever keep his words in my heart.

"Do not be deceived by Folly any longer. The pool you see so close yet so distant does not exist. It is only a mirage and will continue to be distant from you no matter how close you try to get to it. This is the same thing that happened when you tried to reach the place where the heavens touch the earth".

I have decided to stop playing with Folly and make friends with Wisdom.

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