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It was as though the place where the world stopped was not so strange, but the vertigo was overwhelming. The girl could not decide whether or not it would be wise to jump.The sky suddenly started to turn red, everyone thought it was a premature eclipse, not until blood rain started dropping in Africa, and klvn had to carry his frightened little sister. The panic began in the European nations after viewing the statistics and seeing Europe was next to experience the blood rain, the blood rain wasn't the major source of concern, after viewing through a new technology to see that everything was happening because of a crack found in the earth having breached the ozone layer.

In a bid to save mother earth, continents built up a technology called the revanar that was able to track the source of the crack which was seen to have come from a planet that looked like an ultimate universe from afar. Not knowing where and how to get to the planet because it is at an angle opposite all other planets as though situated at the back of the sun, once again the continents came together to build something that would enable humans to cross over, but every effort to do so was always altered by a failure until they noticed the course of the failure was the nature of their skin.

For the first time the entire earth's continents came together with one purpose; to seek help from Africa, because only if Africans could agree to cross over to the dark planet, (as it was called) could there be hope of ever finding a solution to the catastrophe that has befallen mother earth.


Diving through northern Africa, from a small county Madangwe, where the blood rain fell nonstop, 75 men came together to represent their country alongside 30,000,000 (thirty million) men and women from various countries in Africa to go into the dark planet with the hope of finding a solution.

This time it finally dawned on klvn, an average guy from an average family will be putting his life at risk for a world that might never know him or the sacrifice he was about to pay. Scared to his bones, his hands, knees, and ankles shivering as he stood in a queue to be boarded in the spaceship. Klvn stood there reminiscing of how his mother and sisters begged him not to take the decision of living, how his father sat him down to finally have the father-son talk he had been waiting for all his life.

Tears filled his eyes as he heard his name "Klvn Koka step forward please" suddenly he felt like peeing in his pants, but summoned up the courage to walk up to the man who handed him his space suit. The man looked at him as though he could see his fear and said, God, be with you boy. Just as he was about to enter the spaceship, a reporter came to him and ask how do you feel being a hero for your nation and mother earth? klvn didn't realize that cameras were facing him when he spoke his mind, I feel nothing, I'm scared and terrified because I don't know what is out there, but then the only way to know what is out there is to go out there, I don't feel like a hero, I feel it's my responsibility to defend my family, I don't want them to continue being scared of what no one knows about, so I will go myself and make sure it's safe, so they wouldn't be scared anymore.

His words made the reporter and cameramen break down in tears as they watched him enter the spaceship. A while after the doors of the spaceship were closed, with at1000 Africans inside the ship. Klvn knew immediately he bugled his seat belt that his life was about to take a drastic turn, what he didn't know, was that his interview had gone viral and the world already saw him as a hero.

It was almost like a flash from when the spaceship took off, to when it landed as everyone suddenly went into a panic when the spaceship lost control and had a rough landing. Coming out from each spaceship, thirty million humans could not believe their eyes as they saw a blood-red sky that made the surface of the planet dark red, soon after they all decided to walk around the planet facing different directions in the group they entered the spaceship with. Every spaceship had a leader who lead them on the quest to find out what was going on, but the first thing they realized on the planet was that nothing could fly up, the reason their spaceship crashed after reaching that hemisphere.

As They went up north, it felt as though something was about to happen, as they all whispered about it in fear seeing how dark it was suddenly becoming. Soon enough it was so dark they could hardly see each other, and before they knew what was happening, they felt hands holding them, and then dragging them into something that later began to move. Tried so hard to shout, but it was almost impossible, klvn just closed his eyes and started praying in his heart as he was dragged off into another place that looked like it was still. Suddenly he felt the presence of others and opened his eyes only to see he was in a chain he couldn't feel unless he tried to move, there were almost 30 people with him where he was, a few of them were with him in the ship, and the rest were people of another race, instead of fear, this time he was hopeful as though he knew he would get out somehow.

To be continued....

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