Sin - Part 3 (Short Story)

This is a story I'm writing as part of NaNoWriMo, which is a month-long event where writers from around the world focus on writing each day of the month of November in order to finish, or create a piece of fiction.

I did start this story before November but decided to use this month to try and get this one finished, or at least get a good bit of it written.

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Sin - Part 1

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       The vibrations of the music acted as a beat he marched to. Each step drew him further and further down the long empty corridor. The lumbering Alid slowly walked forward and M'Trada had to slow his own pace to not pass him, not that he would be able to, judging by the size of the suit that left just enough space to squeeze by if he needed to, between him and the claustrophobia-inducing walls.
       M'Trada stared up at the back of a pin-sized head at the end of the long thin neck, and knew what this was about. Money. Crovin stopped just past an adjoining hallway, and he turned to stand waiting, with a brief fake smile the Alid gestured for him to continue walking and lead the way.
       As he turned the corner he saw what looked to be a statue at the end of the hall, standing to the left of a doorway. The closer he got, he realised that it was, in fact, an armed, living, and breathing guard. A Human by the look of it, wearing battle-armor, and a helmet that covered most of its head.
       "Through the door," Crovin hissed as he got closer.
       M'Trada tried to not look nervous and nodded to the guard as he passed, but the man ignored him and maintained a solid eye line past him.

       In the dimly lit office, M'Trada stepped toward a large wrap-around window behind the desk. As he approached he could see the lights flicker from below, and as he reached it he stared down at the floor of the venue. He tried to find his friends, but there was too much movement to make anyone out of the crowd, and the lights that occasionally shot into his eyes made it hard to see beyond a colourful blur.
       "It's a nice view," M'Trada said, as he heard Crovins footsteps come to a stop not far from him.
       He turned, and saw the Alid mess with the suit, until the steel turned to scales and collapsed in on itself slightly, until it finally opened, and the scrawny thing slither out of its metallic cocoon.
       At least he feels safe in my company. He thought to himself, as he watched Crovin walk to his desk. M'Trada knew that an Alid wouldn't leave its suit if he felt in any way in danger, which most likely meant that there were multiple hidden sights watching over him.

       "If I'm honest, I often forget about the view. Much too busy to sit staring out windows." Crovin said with a heavy breath as he shifted the chair closer to the steel desk, and he gestured to a chair opposite.
       Now sitting, M'Trada shifted in the slight uncomfortable seat, he leaned back trying to make himself even slightly comfortable, or at the very least, make himself look as though he felt confident.
       "We have things to discuss." Crovin said as he took a similar laid-back position. "I'm sure you know that though. Perhaps you don't though, otherwise you might show a little more concern."
       "Crovin, I know what this is about, or at least, I think I do." The Alid nodded expectantly, urging him to continue. "It's the money. The money I borrowed."
       A bony finger raised to stop him in his tracks. "You, and the Human female." He watched the finger descend to the control panel on the desk. After the light press of a button a projection flickered to life on the table, showing the dance floor below, and after a bit of clicking the orientation relocated, to show Mari, and Andron both dancing. "Her, and that other Human you strolled in with."
       "It was my idea to borrow the money, I'll take full responsibility for my actions." M'Trada said in a defeated tone as he stared at his friends.

       "Admirable." Crovin said, and after some more clicking the orientation repositioned once more to show a guard not far from where the others were dancing, staring intently at them. "I have eyes fixed on them from four corners, and in a moment's notice I could have them killed." The Alid started to chuckle to himself. "But, of course, I won't. I could though," he raised a closed thumb and forefinger. "Like that." He flicked to emphasize his final word.
       "I don't want trouble. I don't want to cause - or be involved in - any trouble at all." He said in an even tone. "It was a mistake and a bad deal. I honestly thought I could trust the person we were dealing with, and he ran off with our," he stopped himself. "Your money."
       "Understandable, it's an issue." Crovin stood up and walked to a small cabinet. Glasses rattled and clinked as he opened the door to it. "Drink?"
       "Look, I know his name, that's why we're here. We're going to get the money back off him."
       Inspecting a bottle he opened it and took a deep sniff, before pouring two glasses.
       "We'll get your money back." M'Trada said, now the silence and complete lack of acknowledgment was starting to worry him.
       "Shoni? Oh, that may prove difficult." Crovin said as he walked back with two glasses and extended a hand to M'Trada.
       "Difficult? Why?" M'Trada said, almost forgetting to take the glass, but after a moment's pause he did and just held it while the Alid walked back to his chair.
"He's dead."

       "Dead?!" M'Trada felt like he was going to get sick. "How?"
       "Well, not dead. But, he may as well be." Crovin took a sip. "He has been detained by the TPD."
       He stared at his own glass, which was slightly rattling by this stage. "Detained," M'Trada whispered. "Maybe he still has some stuff stashed at his house, money, or the Gank." He took a sip.
       "Afraid not, my eyes say that his house was raided, and his contriband seized shortly after he was taken."

       M'Trada had no idea what to say, there was nothing on his mind. It was hollow, like the feeling in his gut. All he could do was stare through Crovin, who seemed completely unphased by any of the information he shared.
       "Luckily, there is something you can do for me which may be a start in paying off your debt." The Alid said, with a sideways smile.

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