The Promised One ( Part 2)

Part 1


We may be strong creatures but as little as a bite from a Werewolf can end our immortality. I was thinking about this before I dozed off. Legends say that Vamps don't dream but that night I saw myself in a garden, carrying a baby. Jenifer was beside me wearing a glowing smile. Surprisingly, Werewolves and Vampires were surrounding the place, and against what I expected, they were chatting and rejoicing. My parents were with Jennifer's parents chatting.

Waking up, I became scared because it is not common event for a Vamp to dream. If there is anyone that understands me well in the family, it is my mum.

Mum, I heard a dream. I said that stammering.

My mum laughed at me for a while before she passed me a glass of red brand.

Take, it is obvious you are hungry. This is freshly extracted from a dog. She laughed again while handing me the glass.

After taking the glass and keeping it beside me,

Mum, I know it may sound odd but I had a dream. Am also as surprised as you are.

After explaining the dreams to her, I was expecting another heavy laugh but no, her countenance changed, it reflected a serious face.

If your dreams were true, then you and your lover will be the solution to the war that has been on for ages. Legends have it that a Vampire and a Werewolf will give birth to a child. This child will be half Vampire, half Werewolf. He will have supernatural power with which he will lift the curse on both the Werewolves and Vampires. She explained with a glowing face which I believe reflects hope.

But Jennifer is a human, mum. I don't think this is possible with her.

I replied quickly.

A Werewolf that has not had the first turn, is difficult to be identified by a Vampire. Your dream girl may be a werewolf. There is only one way to know. Take some Wolfsbane from the garden and try to touch it on her, if she is one, the scent will make her throw up. Don't allow it to touch her, it can cause serious damage to her.

Everything my mum said might have sounded weird but all of them don't matter since it can help me be with the one I love. I rushed to my car and drove off to school. Sadly, she didn't come to school that day. I tried reaching out to her cell phone but wasn't able to do so. So, I left for home even when the lessons were still on. For me, there is no learning if the one I care about is not in school.

Upon getting home, I went straight to my room and locked myself up. Not quite long, my phone rang and it was Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey,

Me: Hey Pretty, are you ok? Didn't see you in school today.

Jennifer: ( whimpering ) my mum locked me up. I want to ask you a question. Please be honest with me.


At first, I thought she was joking but hearing her ask me again, the same question that If within my power, I wouldn't want to be asked, I knew that everything is about to end even before it's starting.


(The final Part will be released in the next publication.)

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