The Promised One (Part 1)


The Werewolves and the Vampires have been enemies since their existence. This enmity came as a stumbling block to the one I love.
Jennifer was in the same class as me but we stared at each other more than we talked. At first, I thought she is a human and I also know that taking her home to my parents is like taking a lamb to a den of lions. The thoughts of approaching her for friendship have been something disturbing. I was indeed in a rabbit hole but somehow I made the move. It was a rainy evening and she was trekking under the rain.

Hey, why are you trekking under this rain, especially with this heavy lightning? I asked with a shaky voice.

I had to go home. The rain doesn't seem like it will stop any time soon. It is getting late already and there have been stories of missing people.

When she mentioned missing people, I know that my people are responsible for most of the missing persons but what can I do? tell her, "hey, sorry about the missing people, I have told my fellow vampires to stop feeding on humans, I am a good vampire, and I only feed on animals", No way!!, not now that I have gotten the chance to make a move.

Come in, let me drop you.

Thank you, my clothes are already wet and it wet your car.

She replied with a smile.

I don't mind. Please come in.

We dragged it for some time before she finally came into the car. We didn't talk after that but only stared at each other at intervals. Finally, I dropped her at her house but her mother gave me an odd look which made me uncomfortable throughout my journey home.

Hey Mumsy, could it be possible for a vampire to marry a human?

I asked my mum.

Yes, son, she will serve us with fresh blood every day, she replied jokingly.

Mum, I am serious. I love this lady very much and I am sure she does the same for me. Please support me, and together we can convince Father.

Holding me on my neck;

Son, if you truly love this lady, then you have to let her go. You are from a different world from hers. Someday you will lose control and feed on her. The only way out is to turn her, but I know you won't because you even hate being a vampire.

I left my mum for my bed, while my siblings were dressing up for the night's hunt.


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