🤩 August Writing Challenge w/ DreemPort & Ecency 🤩

Happy August Scholars & Scribes!

We have an exciting partnership and announcement for everyone. For the first three weeks in August, the DreemPort curation community will collaborate with S&S to encourage writing, reading, and commenting with a variety of giveaways and challenges.

Ecency—one of Hive’s most popular frontends—is also taking part, offering Ecency Points and driving the idea around not just writing and reading, but commenting on folks’ stories too.

🏆 Challenge overview 🏆

  • Writers: create fiction and post in the Scholar and Scribe as you normally would. Be sure to use the #scholarandscribe tag to earn our tokens! On the next three Fridays (Aug 5, 12, and 19), submit your story through the DreemPort curation system for chances to win incredible prizes—More details on how this works here.
  • Writers: if you structure your stories as a 3-part story, you’ll be eligible for even more prizes! Submit part 1 on the first Friday, part 2 on the second, and so on. ▶️ (This is not mandatory. You can do one 2-part, or three totally different stories. You do not have to participate in all three Fridays either. But the more you enter, the better odds of being recognized and winning stuff.) ◀️
  • Writers: Post using the Ecency frontend for additional recognition and rewards! (The Scholar & Scribe community earns 20 Ecency points for posts that tag using Ecency… and we may just give some of those back or use them to boost your story’s earnings!)
  • Readers: Try out DreemPort—apart from stories, it will show you written content from 5 random creators every day you curate. But on the next three Mondays (Aug 8, 15, 22), you’ll see content exclusive to this challenge.
  • Readers: There’s a comment challenge involved with this initiative—leave meaningful comments on Scholar & Scribe story content and you may just find that your words will earn you extra appreciation.
  • ❗❗❗ Everyone: Make sure you check out @dreemsteem’s comprehensive challenge post here! ~ there are things like BINGO, quizzes, featured writers… the stuff above is just an OVERVIEW—the incredible DreemPort team has pulled out all the stops to make every week of this challenge interesting and exciting 😁. Every week new things and prizes will be revealed!

🎁 Minimum confirmed prize pool 🎁

Most of these prizes will be awarded for participation, not “winning” or being the best writer/reader. So stay active, stay excited, and leave those comments! Airdrops will be plentiful 😉🪂

  • Hundreds of DREEM, SCHOLAR and SCRIBE tokens
  • Lots of Hive SBI
  • 🤯 20,000 Ecency Points in gifts, tips, and boosts
  • 500 $PAGE ERC-20 tokens (equal to 5 PageDAO memberships)
  • Featured writer status on DreemPort’s homepage
  • 🗝️ Tons of secret and impromptu prizes + giveaways 🗝️


💛 About DreemPort

DreemPort is a platform agnostic curation community.

The system is simple: Monday through Friday, users can curate 5 random submission posts from other DreemPort users (aka Dreemers). This content can be from anywhere. You choose Accept/Reject, then rank the Accepted content. Doing this allows you to submit your content to be included in the next round of curation.

Participating, aligning your Accept/Reject choices with the guild, and submitting highly ranked content can earn you DREEM tokens on Hive. More importantly, you get writing exposure, and are exposed yourself to a diverse range of writers from all across the Internet. Learn more here.


💙 About Ecency

Ecency is the only Hive Blog frontend with its own incentive token: Ecency Points! Ecency has also developed a leading mobile app for browsing Hive.

Every action you take with Ecency (posting, commenting, liking, etc.) earns you Ecency Points. Points can also be gifted, tipped, or purchased.

Use your points to:

  • Boost a post up to $3.33 worth of Hive Rewards
  • Promote a post for up to 14 days
  • Gift or tip others

Here’s a link to the Ecency Discord. Go to ecency.com or simply switch the domain name of any Hive Blog post to ecency.com to view via Ecency. Here are links to the mobile apps: iOSAndroid.


About the Scholar and Scribe Community

Scholar and Scribe is a new creative writing community founded in the forges of Hive's passionate Pizza Guild. It sets itself part from some of the other writing groups on Hive with its unique dual-token system.

[ Quick token guideS+S 'Whitepaper' ]


Thank you for stopping by. 100% of this post's rewards go to the Scholar & Scribe community account. I own the license to all images in this post, except for the Scholar and Scribe banner icons, which were designed by @trashyomen.

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