Hashkings Lore: The Multiverse

My entry into the HashKings lore contest within the Scholar and Scribe community! Apologies that this isn’t more polished, I had a lot going on this week with tourneys going on, eos in splinterlands, and some RL stuff. So I didn’t get to dedicate as much time to it as I'd of liked. >~< I still think it’s a good showcase of the potential of my idea as the core game lore or I wouldn’t have submitted it. :D Obviously, I can change some things to suit yalls liking if picked. - thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

hashking raid boss
pic taken from hasking's raids

How It All Got This Way

The multiverse, a scientific concept that theorizes a potentially infinite number of universes continuously being created by the inflation that occurred fractions of a second after the big bang. Our own universe, like a rare few others, is stable and no longer subject to inflation. Others still, are a chaotic nightmare of destructive forces that cancel out the laws of physics as we know them.

Into one of these universes was born The Collective. A group of sentient beings, later given codenames of the most destructive computer viruses known in the multiverse. These beings not so much work together, but share a common goal, destruction. Given their immense strength and intelligence, the greatest of these creatures found a way to manipulate the movements of universes, causing them to collide. These collisions have created mass extinctions in the multiverse, due to the laws of physics being thrown out the window as it happens. some inhabitants of these universes, barely managing to escape through bubbles in the fabric of existence, have taken up refuge in our reality as one of the last strong holds in the multiverse. due its location furthest away from the destruction point.

Others among the collective decided this wasn’t fast enough and created a virus to drain the happiness from people before finally turning them into zombies, creating even more destruction and death within the few remaining strongholds of life. You see, when this virus hit, it didn’t give you a cold or a tummy ache, it changed your brain chemistry. All of our brain chemistries. I won’t get too technical about it but ultimately all the changes rework your mind into a ravenous, mindless zombie. The most key factor seems to be depriving your brain of its naturally produced cannabinoids. So, do you get it yet? When the virus hit, only the weed tokers weren’t affected!

This created a need for the buds system, a critical life saving economy to ensure there remained enough buds in rotation to keep the virus at bay. this angered the collective being that created the virus however, who ultimately used the bubbles to periodically throw the most mindless and nastiest creatures he could find in the multiverse at their farms. The others in the collective soon followed suit, some leading the raids themselves.

Solution? Sentient robots were created to fight the creatures by groups of scientists working with their doppelgangers from the other universes, allowing never before seen advancements! These robots now help to guard the fields with the farmers from the raids on their farms. Their key strength being the ability to forge themselves with other robots, amplifying their power. Not to mention making them a little crazy in the process. You try having two sentient beings in 1 body and see how sane you stay.😬😂

Now the mission is clear, push back the collective’s raids by defeating the raid bosses, find a way to take the fight to them, and stop the damage they've done to the multiverse before it’s too late!

This lore would allow you to expand on the individuality of the different members of the collective(raid bosses,) explore the differences in the universes through differences in the shaggi and maggi doppelgangers, explain why its all happening while giving a concrete foe as the cause of it, expand on how they did it. etc.

Allows for you to expand on raids in the future creating defensive and offensive raids. Defense against lower members of the collective and their minions, offense would be taking the fight to the top bosses, and ultimately a final boss to save the multiverse from destruction!

Also can give some added humor to the combining of different robots in the forge. Higher the level the crazier they get and can have some funny text to add when forged, something like that.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading~!!

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