What You Paint Is What You Will See

What You Paint Is What You Will See

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Peter got to the office that morning and behold there was an envelope on his table, he didn't hesitate to open it. Within he saw a letter that read, "We are so sorry to inform you that the company will be relieving you of your duties till further notice due to financial constraints. His mood instantly changed, he couldn't believe his eyes. The thought of his family quickly flashed through his mind, "where would I start start from" he asked himself. Peter has been the one taking care of his mom and younger ones since their father passed away.

He rushed to the Manager's office and being lucky enough, the manager was around. Good "morning sir", "morning Mr. Peter, how have you been?" replied the boss." I am not fine sir ", Peter answered. "What is this I saw on my desk, Why me?" " I believe the writings are bold enough, Mr Peter, "the manager answered him

Please, sir, consider my condition, where would I start from? He went down on his knees and pled but the boss said" am so sorry young man, there is nothing I can do for you. This order came from above, you were not the only person that was affected".

The young man didn't have anything to do, so he walked out of the manager's office and decided to look up at the sky, it seemed to look entirely different from the way it used to be. It looks dark and cloudy. The beauty he always admired in the sky was not there that day. Nothing looks nice before his eyes.

The road suddenly became too long, he walk quietly with his head looking towards the ground and his hands fixed in his pockets. "What a day he said to himself". Different thoughts were running through his mind, he was just contemplating how and where to start from. He did not even have a plan B while working, that company was the only source of income he had.

"Why are you home so early today" his mom asked him looking directly into his eyes from the couch. "Mom it's nothing," he replied. "Talk to me my son, did you have a bad day at work?" She added but he didn't answer her.

He went straight to his room and slammed the door in an unusual way. The mother knowing her son too well allowed him to have some time for himself. Early the following day before the time he usually wakes up to prepare for work, she knocked at his door. "Who's there he asked?" " It's Mama, may I have a few words with you?" "Yes, of course, come inside Mom", peter replied her.

"Why are you looking this dull, Are you alright at all?" She asked, seeing how he lay on the bed. He tried to hide the matter from her but she kept pestering him until he finally opened up. "Mom, I lost my job yesterday, the manager said the company is having financial challenges, and as such some workers need to be withdrawn "

His mom went numb for a while, took a deep breath, and said "Son, I don't know what you are going through right now, things are hard for us I know but take your time. Not every day is beautiful, and not every day is bad, the sky isn't always dark and it isn't always blue. We must be ready at all times to face whatever comes our way. Don't allow the failures of today to ruin your tomorrow.

You are the author of your story and the artist of your life. You used to tell me about the beauty of the sky each time you return from work. That one was designed by nature, now it's time for you to paint your own sky, whatever decision you make now is like you painting your own sky, If you want to always see it beautiful, it's your responsibility and if you want it ugly it's your decision as well. Just remember that others will also be spectators, what will you want them to say about your sky? How about those looking up to you? What do you want them to say when they behold your work on your sky?"


After saying these words, he looked at her beaming," That's my mom" he said, I love your words. I wouldn't give up. I want my sky to be as beautiful as the one I always behold on the outside.

Peter, doubled his efforts, yet things went so tough for him, they had to start having only one square meal per day. His siblings had to transfer from private schools to government schools so that he can still sponsor them. He continued doing his best and didn't relent while hunting for a good job. Each blow life gave him only made him stronger, each time he remembers his mom's words, he gets refreshed again.

After two years of intense hardship, One fateful morning, he was still preparing to go to the shop where he was serving as a sales boy when he got a call ", hello is this Mr. Peter Akuson?"Yes, it is he said, "congratulations, Peter, you have gotten a job with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC). We have gone through your profile and have seen how good you are and decided to employ you. You are to report to work tomorrow. You can check your email for more information. Congratulations once again", the lady on the phone said as she ended the call.

Peter couldn't believe his ears, in fact, he even forgot that he applied for that job. He went to his email to verify the information and it was true, he ran to the parlor and showed his mother. She was so happy about it." Finally, Mom, God has painted it blue for me. This could only be his handiwork" Peter said.


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