"Document 13" A Dystopian Tale: Part 25


Welcome to Part 25 of "Document 13", a dystopian graphic novel I'm creating with my daughter. This week: Why should dogs have all the fun?

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The year is 2074, the world has been plunged into darkness. One girl, Sarah Doe, will learn the secrets of the dark forces that run the ruined world. With the help of a few friends, her family, and her own powers she will fight to return the world to an order not known since well before her birth. Will she succeed? Read to find out!

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Scene: On a street near the library. Sarah is carefully making her way towards a delivery bot route.

S: (Gotta get some food, rats aren’t cutting it.)

She spots a delivery bot which has the code “N” on it.

S: Ah ha.

She jumps down behind the bot and follows it a few paces. Then she jumps in front of it and it stops.
She opens a small panel on the side and begins pulling wires. The door on the side opens.

S: Sweet, I still got it.

Suddenly from behind her comes a rattling sound. A dog appears.

Dog: Halt! Evacuate this area immediately!

Sarah slips a food packet into her pocket and begins to walk away. The dog follows her closely.
Suddenly she falls through a grate. She tries to pull her leg free but her foot is stuck.

Dog: Evacuate this area immediately!

Sarah scrambles but her foot will not come free.

Dog: Activating lethal force!

S: Ah crap…

Suddenly a pile of boxes falls over in an alley nearby. A small robot unlike anything Sarah has ever seen appears from the pile.

Robot: Meow.

S: What the…?

The dog turns to look at the other robot and out of nowhere a man appears and he cracks the dog on the “head” with a large bat. The dog stumbles and falls over.

Man: Good thing my cat distracted it.

S: “Cat?”

M: Yeah, why should dogs have all the fun?

He moves the part of the grate trapping her leg and helps her up. The catbot trots out to them.

M: You good to walk? We shouldn’t stick around.

S: Yeah, I’m OK.

M: Good, follow me.

He picks up the catbot and leads Sarah to an airlock on an old warehouse. He opens the airlock and they go in.

M: It’s not much, but at least there’s air.

Sarah looks around, there is a lot of old assembly line equipment, a workbench, a bed area, a kitchen area, and an old pool table. There are robot parts scattered about. It’s a mess. The man takes off his mask and reveals a skinny bearded face with blue eyes and greying hair.

M: I’m Samson by the way, you can call me Sam. And you are?

S: Uh… Sarah.

Sam: It’s a pleasure to meet you “Uh Sarah”.

The catbot rubs against her legs and makes a robotic purr.

S: What is this “cat” thing? And what is that noise?

Sam: You’ve never seen a cat? It’s a pet from a different era. I read about them in the clouds.

S: You’re from the clouds?

Sam: Yeah, I was born there, but they didn’t like me, they kicked me out when I was 15. I guess they figured I would die down here. But I know how to get by.

S: How old are you now?

Sam: Uhhhh I wanna say 35? I don’t keep track of time too much down here. I just play with robots and make my living on the transport lines.

S: So you were up there when my mom was up there… did you ever hear about the super soldier program?

Sam: The what? I never paid too much attention to the Party nonsense. That’s one reason I didn’t last long up there, I didn’t tow the line.

S: My mother was involved in a Party science experiment, but she escaped and left me at an orphanage.

Sam: Headmistress Matthews' orphanage?

S: How do you know? You don’t work for her do you?

Sam: Oh no. I may have done a few things for her a long time ago but that woman’s evil. I’ve figured out how to avoid her reach for a while now. But there are rumors she has some crazy orphans doing her dirty work now, and she’s taking over the city one block at a time.

S: The seven…

Sam: Yeah, the Immortal Seven or some weird name like that. Do you know them?

S: I know a little about them, yes... (I can’t tell him everything.) Anyway, I appreciate the help, I really must get back to my place and eat.

Sam: It’s getting late, why not stay here? It’s been awhile since I had company but I promise I remember my manners.

The catbot jumps into Sarah’s arms and chuffs at her.

Sam: I know it’s hard to trust anyone. But perhaps two street rats like us can help each other out.

S: (I guess I can’t really die anyway. And this “cat” is quite intriguing.) Sure. But you have to tell me how you made this "cat"….

Love it? Hate it? I welcome any and all feedback!

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