HashKings Lore Contest! Bring the BUDS to Life!


Good Evening Scribes! Welcome Scholars! I'm excited to announce an important contest and opportunity for the writers involved in our community. After some recent discussion in our Scholar and Scribe channels in the PIZZA Discord I reached out to @liuke96player to discuss another contest. I asked if Scholar and Scribe authors could help write content to help build out the Lore of the game.

And he said hell yes!

I've had the pleasure of writing a few pieces for Liuke recently for exactly that reason—to start incorporating deeper lore into the HashKings universe! As the HK game ecosystem continues to expand, the Lore will expand with it. And guess who gets to help make that happen? We do, the writers and Hivers that play the game have a chance to get involved in creating the storyline for the game world we play in. How cool is that?


How to enter the contest

  • Write a short story set in the Hashkings Universe that incorporates elements of the Avatars, Raid Bosses, Shaggis, and whatever else you’d like.
  • As a primer, here is an overview of the game world as envisioned by Liuke:

Hashkings is a post-apocalyptic multiverse. The Multiverses and society have collapsed due to some unknown accident that wiped out most of the humans or turned them into the undead. BUDS have become the defacto currency for all trade and commerce among the remaining humans. The multiverses are collapsing, bringing multiple versions of the same individual together in a single world (the Shaggis and Maggis). There are robotic beings who gained their sentience during the unknown accident and now assist the Shaggis and Maggis in tending the fields and defending them against interdimensional monsters that would steal all the BUDS for themselves (Raid Bosses).

  • Your piece must be more than 300 words but less than 2000.

  • We are looking for worldbuilding here. Your piece should help to develop a world built on the BUDS economy and the interactions between the various factions and threats.

  • Entries must be posted in the Scholar and Scribe community and use the #scholarandscribe tag.

  • We are extending the deadline for the contest for another week to give everyone more time to write up their entries. I have added a timer to the post reflecting this! The contest will now close on 5/7/2022 (edit)


We have a boatload of Prizes for this one- not least of which is the chance to have your piece enshrined within the Hashkings game itself as official lore!

  • I will be sending common HK Avatar's to all entries that meet the prompt.

  • We also have 25, that's right, 25! HK Avatar Packs to give away as prizes!

  • These will be split between the top entries that are considered for inclusion in official HashKings Lore!

  • 12 HK AVATAR Packs will be awarded for the best piece, 8 HK AVATAR Packs will be awarded for Second, and 5 HK AVATAR Packs for third.

  • The best piece will also receive 50 PIZZA, 10 SCHOLAR, and 2000 BUDS in addition to HK Avatar Packs. Their piece will be included in the Hashkings Game Lore!


So get your quills out Scholars and Scribes. Let's start building out the Hashkings world and bring it to life! There is a whole multiverse of BUDS to write about after all!


Shoutout to @bacon-dub for yet another awesome gif!
Thanks to @jfuji for a little editing help! Keep your eyes peeled for an editing update from him soon.


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