Buds of Wrath Contest and Giveaway


Good Evening Scholars! Welcome Scribes! We've got an exciting contest for all of you today!

As some of you may know the Pizza Guild has recently partnered up with Hashkings and begun a Scholarship Program for guild members to play using delegated guild assets. In honor of this partnership and partnership with Scholar and Scribe we've got a bag of tasty prizes for a Hashking's creative writing contest!

I am looking for short stories set in the Hashkings world. On a weed farm, with zombie's and/or robots? I mean... the Hashkings avatar's are zombies and robots right? Maybe the weed farm is the last bastion of humanity and we've built the robots to stave off the zombie hordes (and tend the fields of course). Maybe the zombies are just the end result of too many ultra heady joints and now they work the fields because it's all they're good for? Maybe it's just a peaceful day on your farm and all is well until your water tower bursts? Maybe you smoked too much of your own product and REALLY NEED a good Pizza and it was delivered by robots?

This one is wide open for interpretation! Just set it on a weed farm and include assets from the game somehow (Bonuses for including Pizza!) It can be funny, gory, serious, however you want to run with it! Be Creative!



First Place will receive 75 PIZZA and an Epic Gen 1 HK Avatar
Second Place will receive 50 PIZZA and a Rare Gen 1 HK Avatar
Third Place will receive 25 PIZZA and a Rare Gen 1 HK Avatar

All entries will receive a Common Gen 1 HK Avatar!

Deadline for entries are 7 days from now when this contest post pays out.

Entries must be:

400 words or more
Posted in the Scholar and Scribe community
Use the HivePizza tag
Linked in the comments on this post

That's it! I'm looking forward to reading what you all come up with! To help inspire take a look at this amazing gif by the talented @bacondub celebrating Pizza and HK!


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