If The Gravestone Could Speak #9

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“I’m sorry to disturb you Is this the history class?”.
Alex recognized the voice immediately, the butterflies in his stomach returning as he glanced at Aurora standing innocently outside. Peter looked at him then, a small smile creeping onto his lips as he indicated with a nod that the table next to Alex was free. A smile had also appeared on the cracked lips of Mrs Kinker, but there was no warmth in hers, only predatory instinct.

“A new student hmm. Find a seat and sit down.” When Aurora went to apologize for being late, Mrs Kinker talked straight over her, “and don’t be late again.”
It was a moment before the girl regained her composure, obviously a little scared of her new history teacher. Surveying the classroom, her gaze came to rest on Alex and the table beside him. In the time it had taken for Mrs kinker to give Aurora such a warm welcome, Alex had lifted his bag and placed it on the desk beside his.

He wanted Aurora to sit next to him but couldn’t trust his mouth not to say something stupid to her. When it became clear that she wasn’t interested in sitting anywhere else, Peter reached over Alex and lifted his bag off the desk.
“You can sit here Aurora,” he called across the room, much to the annoyance of Alex who sat there with a stunned expression on his face.
“Thank you,” she replied, gliding over to the table and looking relieved to be away from Mrs Kinker.

All eyes were on the three of them, as the other students wondered how Alex and Peter new such an attractive girl. Alex felt the heat of their stares long into the lesson, and even Mrs Kinker seemed confused as the why the girl was sat with the two of them. Leaning close to Alex, Aurora checked that the basilisk wasn’t looking, and then whispered in his ear.
“Thanks for letting me sit here Alex. I really appreciate it”.

Alex didn’t know what to say, just her breath against the side of his face had turned his legs to jelly. She was so close to him, right where he wanted her to be but also sending a wave of panic through him.
“You’re welcome,” Peter butted in after feeling left out, but Aurora only had eyes for Alex.

Throughout the rest of Mrs Kinker’s history lesson, Aurora continued to try and talk to Alex, only getting short replies in return. He just didn’t know how to talk to girls, especially girls as beautiful as her. As the bell rang to signal the end of class, he felt a sense of relief. At least in the next class I’ll be able to relax, he thought as Aurora stood up and waved goodbye.

Once the classroom had emptied, they packed their bags and made for the hallway. Alex’s legs were finally beginning to return to him after an hour of being numb sat next to Aurora. He appeared happier now, the stress of not knowing what to say to the girl no longer playing on his mind.

Let our children not grow up in a terrible world. Together we can make it better. It is our destiny to
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