[Original Fiction] In Another World With My NFTs - Part 2

The next chapter of the original story. Must Read Part 1 (here) First! Author Notes at the End.

In Another World With My NFTs: Saving Everyone with the Power of JPEG

Chapter 1: Blue Bells

“It’s beautiful.” I dragged my feet to the nearest rock.

I savored in the breathtaking scenery before me. A field of flowers. All flowers had bell-like shape and they were all shades of blue. Rocks like the one I’m leaning on are scattered around the field. A few trees emerged from the blue in the horizon. I might’ve thought I ascended to heaven if not for the pain in my lower regions.

“This is really a different world.” My voice came out lower than intended. “There’s nothing like this on earth.”

I stopped to ponder. Did I bother to look for anything this beautiful in my original world?

Why I am so sure that this scenery can only exist here? Is it the two moons? Didn’t I spent all day at home back then? Yes, I saw documentaries and shows about nature, and they weren’t this beautiful, but they always say that the world is more beautiful in person. The world seen behind the screen, is different no matter how good the screen was.

Nothing can replace being there in person. Someone who only lived in the digital world can never understand that.

“I wonder how far I am from a city…”

Finally relaxed, I thought of what to do next.

My name is Chad McNicely. I was summoned into this world from my home planet. Earth. I’m supposed to be the world’s savior or something, but I wasn’t chosen for my abilities. It was luck. I never got any explanation nor I found any person in the two days I’ve been here.

“I was summoned in the middle of nowhere.” I put moved my arm over my stomach and my other hand on that arm. “Not only I haven’t eaten anything, I even injured my arm with a tree bark.”

The only thing I have…

“NFTs…” I was given the ability to project any image I own, but in practice that only applied to the JPEG files I was scammed into buying years ago. I still don’t understand a lot about them, but in this world, these are my biggest asset.

“Do I have any first aid kit in here?” I focused my mind to see the images I can project. Part of my ability allows me to imagine the folders I had on my PC before I was transported here.

“…?!! That’s good too.”

“Proj-- Ugh.” I tried to move, but it was hard after I relaxed for a few minutes. “Projection: Camera!”

The scenery before me was so breathtaking. I had to take a photo of this place. No matter what!


= - = - =

Three hours earlier:

I walked and walked, for many hours.

When I first got into this world, I was in plains the moons were visible even before the sunset. I projected a place to sleep in.

When morning came, I started walking. There was a mountain in the direction of sunrise, so I walked in the other way. I thought I would find people if I walked in the same direction.

Bored, I started experimenting with my ability.

I had the power to imagine all the folders in my original world’s computer. I focused on one of the installed video games, but I couldn’t open it. It seemed though, that I can see any image file even the ones that require special applications to view.

“This is a weird ability.”

I was missing all the important things for survival. Safety, and Food. I only encountered harmless animals so far. I avoided insects bites somehow. And I could project something to protect me for bit before

But food was a huge problem!

“Projection: Curry!“ I have a few food NFTs I can project into this world. I used the spoon projected alongside the dish to taste. “This is bad…”

All the food I projected and tried to eat had no taste I didn’t feel sated by any of it too.

When I saw insects after that, I put the Curry dish in front of them, but they avoided it.

I tried to climb a tree, but I injured myself in the process, and found that there wasn’t any fruit on any of them.

“I’m not hungry enough to eat grass.” Though if I didn’t find food, I won’t be able to say the same tomorrow. “I hope there’s a city out there.”

So, I kept walking as the light forest got thicker, and after that until a field of blue flowers came to my sight. I had to take a break. Maybe try these flowers too. They might be edible.

= - = - =

The Next Day:

“Hey, wake up! Hey!!”

“Let me sleep, Mom!”

“Hey, have respect. I’m too young to be a Mother!”

In my sleepy state, I open my eyes to see a blurry blond in a field of blue. “Mom, aren’t you supposed to be dead? Am I finally in heaven?“


“Hey! That’s unfai--” I nearly lashed out when I realized where I was.

“You! Don’t sleep here? It’s dangerous for the Bluebells!”

“…A person…” I reached my hand to the girl who tried to dodged on reflex. I realized I held a Camera in that hand, so I reached my other hand to her. “Finally, a person!”

“What are you doing?” She backed away. Looked at me from top to bottom then top again. She finally focused on my Camera and said. “You dress funny… Are you from the Continent?”

“I am…” I smiled. “My name is Chad, I came from far away.”

That was my first meeting with my first companion. The girl who taught me everything I needed to start my journey. The Thorny Bluebell: Prettie Taraxalia.

To be Continued?

This is the second week's entry to #dreemport's August Writing Challenge. It's published exclusively to Scholar and Scribe until the challenge ends.

Below, I assume you already read the Author Notes for Part 1. I explain about the Isekai genre there.

In this chapter, I introduce some world-building. Isekai stories depend heavily on their world after all.

I tried to add otherworldly feel to the place, and remind the reader that there are two moons here, yet I wanted to put some emphasis on Chad's feelings as someone from the "digial age."

If you related to the pondering paragraphs, I succeeded!

I put the character Prettie at the end. I wanted the chapter to be centered around her, but as I mentally debated myself over how to introduce her, I decided the worldbuilding is more important. She'll become the first "party member" for Chad if this story continued. (So, tell me if you want Part 3.)

Thanks to all those who encouraged me and/or left a comment about the story. & Thank You, dear reader for making the story worth writing.

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