2022-06-21 - Facility Manager Log

I will be attending a conference next week. It is necessary to make preparations for my absence before leaving. This includes:

  • Having invoices paid
  • Following up on projects that are stalled
  • Documentation of work done for my records and for bookkeeping purposes
  • Authorizing annual fire inspections for next month

In addition, we have to work on the budget to finish out the year and to be ready for next fiscal year.

One adjustment that is becoming increasingly necessary is the purchase and keeping of HVAC part inventory. The supply chain is causing delays that impede our ability to keep our building occupants in comfort for entire weeks while new parts arrive. The problem is that we have a total of 33 HVAC units of varying models. Keeping parts inventory can get expensive. However, having parts on hand ensures that we can turn jobs around within a day or the next.

Rooftop units generally have a 15 year life cycle. We are six years in. As we approach the end of their useful life cycle, we will likely taper off on holding parts as they would not likely match the parts for the replacement units. But, that's something for the future. Today, we'll need to start keeping inventory.

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