Escape from RC Jail (v1)

'ESCAPE FROM RC JAIL' over the Hive logo

You discover Hive Blog. You get Hive accounts. You write your first post (which should be the introduction post). You hit the {Publish} button (or whatever your front-end calls it). You posted!! You write a 2nd post. You hit {Publish} again-- and then you get error messages which translate to "Out of gas" because you just dropped your Resource Credits to virtually zero. It takes Resource Credits, RCs, 5 days to return to 100%, at a rate of 20% each day. You've just been sentenced to RC Jail for 5 days. You can watch paint dry as the RC meter pokes along at 0.013888889 RCs/minute. Or you can ESCAPE FROM RC JAIL.

That was my experience for about a month before I made my escape from RC Jail recently. (Yes, there is a whitepaper. No, I didn't read it.) Thanks to some research, and the kind Hivers and Leo Lions and people at Proof of Brain, I was able to escape from RC Jail.

I'm still trying to find a way to stay out of RC Jail, but now my stays there are much shorter.

Some people start using Hive already having Hive Power. Maybe they are investors who turned some paper money or other crypto into HIVE. Maybe they knew enough to get delegated HP (to be discussed briefly later).

However, it's more likely that you started with 0.001 HP and the RCs which correspond to that amount. With that amount of HP, your activity will be both minimal and slow. That's enough to kill the Hive Blog experience if you don't rectify the situation. That's done by increasing HP, and increasing HP depends on engaging with fellow Hivers in a number of ways, and ultimately that's what you want in the long run.

To escape from RC Jail requires more drastic-- if only temporary-- measures.

About Low RCs

RCs will always be needed, but they don't need to be a big deal. When Hive Power is at a decent level (say, 3 HP), the use of RC doesn't feel bad. When HP is low-- as it would be for a new Hiver-- your RCs can get wiped out with just 2 posts (and sometimes not even the 2nd).

Based on my experience as a new Hiver, 1 post consumes roughly 20% of the RCs each of us is alloted. I use the word "roughly" because some situations can require far more than that 20%.

Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how my blog post on how to make your own rugged cloth mask consumed 80% of my RCs. I have a few ideas, but I'm afraid to test them even now.

The way to get out of RC Jail is to acquire more HP. Giftgiver Faucet will help you make your escape from RC Jail.

Getting Dips from the Giftgiver Faucet

Using the Giftgiver Faucet lets you claim 0.003 HIVE and 0.002 HP each time you visit the faucet. It's an hour between visits, but you can visit Giftgiver Faucet as many times as you want.

0.002 HP doesn't sound like much on its own, but it beats the 0.00 you have when you're in RC Jail. Over time, each 0.002 HP adds up, and that's what will help you stay out of RC Jail for longer periods until it becomes a distant memory.

Geting Delegated HP from Giftgiver

If you need a more satisfying taste of freedom from RC Jail, then you can receive Delegated HP from Giftgiver. You'll be delegated approximately 15 HP to use over 7 days. The 15 HP is a variable amount dependent on market conditions; it can be higher or lower. What matters is that with that delegated HP you'll be able to post like there's no tomorrow (or at least make much more than 2 posts).

After 7 days the delegated HP is gone. After you catch up on your backlog of posts to your communities of your blogs, that may not be an issue. If you think you need another delegation of HP, just go back to Giftgiver.

If you've been more active during the time you've been using Giftgiver's delegated HP, you will notice a bump in your Hive earnings (not to mention whatever Layer 2 tokens you want for your chosen tribes). That first delegation of HP from Giftgiver may also be the last (which would be ideal).

For escape from RC Jail purposes, only acquire delegated HP from Giftgiver when you know you'll be active and engaging fellow Hivers by posting, commenting, replying, and upvoting.

More engagement means more opportunities to earn HP. More HP means more options are available to contribute to Hive and to earn from Hive. After a while, stays in RC Jail become shorter. Eventually, RC Jail will be a thing of the past.

That's been my experience. I hope this information helps!

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