Beware of RC Blowout (v1)

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It's exciting to make multiple posts, edits, upvotes, and give feedback during a session at Hive.Blog. It's just as easy to get so carried away we blowout our allotment of Resource Credits. People in marriages or other types of relationships experience something similar occasionally. As a result of getting carried away too quickly, I fell victim to RC Blowout. That's a quick loss of RCs even after getting or having a big boost in Hive Power. 20 combined HP is better than my own 4 HP, but it's not enough to overcome vulnerablilty to RC Blowout. Beware RC Blowout, folks.


After I posted Part 4 of my "How Anyone Can Invest in Copper" series to LeoFinance I was shocked to see my notification bar reach 69 after a short time. I was used to seeing that bell stay at small numbers like 0 or 1, so this was amazing to me!

That's when it occurred to me to backtrack to earlier posts to add a menu at the end of each post. This menu would have links to each post in the series (not to mention "Coming Soon" entries).

(Adding this menu was harder than I had anticipated, and I'll write about that and my workaround in a future post in the community where it belongs.)

I was able to retrofit that menu to 2 posts in that series. When I tried a 3rd post, I received error messages indicating I had insufficient Resource Credits. So I ended up putting myself back in RC Jail.

After scratching my head for a few moments, I took a look at my wallet to make sure my latest delegation from was still active, and it was.

From what I read in my research about Resource Credits, the more Hive Power a Hiver has, the faster it takes for RCs to be replenishd. I'm not expecting to be back at 100% quickly, but I hope to see enough of an increase to be able to resume the post retrofiting I was doing.

I had trouble nesting Markdown codes for images inside those for links/anchors; the menu (really a small table) didn't come out in the Preview as I had expected. After a few more attempts using different tactics, I ended up using HTML for this table-based menu.

I'm not sure why I self-inflicted RC Blowout, but I have a couple of ideas:

  • HTML requires more coding than Markdown, but it also offers more options than Markdown. Unfortunately, HTML is more costly tthan Markdown when it comes to RCs.
  • On top of that I neded to upload additional images to the Gallery I use, and I think that's more costly than I had expected.

So now I wait before I resume retrofitting that table-based menu to the remaining posts. I'll take that as my cue to go to bed and see how things are when it's daylight.

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