I took my dowsing rods to a family party and made some very interesting discoveries


Sabrina's brother is here from Paris at the moment so Esteban & Luna have been able to play with their cousins for the last few days. The feeling of Spring was in the air and for the most part these dangerous devices known as rubber soled shoes were cast off as they should be.


All in all we had a wonderful long weekend but there was something which happened in amongst the drinking, eating & festivities which feels important enough to write about this morning. I believe I have found the reason for Sabrina's mother's cancer.

During the Saturday lunch party I felt motivated to walk around the house, admiring the handiwork of Sabrina's step-dad who has been catching rain from his roof to fill up his swimming pool.


He had been periodically taking water from the canal (which is still illegal here in France due to lack of rain) but recently found an anonymous note in his letter box threatening to call the police if he did it again. Such is the way of the world now. But I like the way it has pushed him to find this practical solution and on Saturday night it rained hard for hours, no doubt filling up his pool as desired.


While making my observations I noticed these four trees and asked him if they had been the same size when he planted them ten years ago.


They were the same size he said and I knew instantly there was an energetic Ley line of some kind affecting the trees on the left.

Keen to confirm my feeling I brought dowsing rods to the Sunday lunch party and checked the area. For those of you who want an explanation of what is dowsing and how you can do it yourself, please check this post.

As suspected there was indeed a line running directly through the smallest palm tree, right across the middle of this area to their house.


The line enters the house around here.


See how this plant isn't happy here?


Without telling him what I had found I asked him if this plant thrives here.


It does not he says. On the contrary, it always starts the year well but quickly dies back as the Summer progresses and ultimately does not behave as expected.

This was all the evidence I needed and felt confident when explaining what was going on for him. He could see it with his own eyes (all plants on the line did not grow well) and evidently believed what I was telling him because he immediately started moving plant pots around.

I assured him that he had done well with his house design because neither of the two beds were on crossing points and all the communal areas too are perfectly placed. Intuition can it seems serve people well, even when they are not aware of it.

The story does not end here however.

I had been conscious of this image (taken from this film) which I found when I did my initial research on dowsing.


If we sleep on the crossing points of lines it basically scrambles our DNA, causing mutations, commonly known as cancer. The same is true for most varieties of trees which will also develop cancerous growths if they live on the crossing points or lines which don't agree with them.

So I was happy for Sabrina's mother and step-father this did not appear to be the case.

However, upon sharing the information with Sabrina, she pointed out that they lived in a trailer for five years while they built the house. And it was during this period her mother discovered the stomach cancer.

"Where was the trailer placed on the land?" I asked and she took me to this lovely looking spot off to one side of the house.


I dowsed the area and found ten lines converging around where the children are playing above. It was something similar to the spiral vortex I found in our home recently.


This vortex was found by walking the ten lines converging here, marking each intersecting point.


Only the vortex in their garden was different. I could feel it. But feelings are not enough for my logical mind which needs confirmation of some kind, so I stood in the centre of the vortex and had a conversation with it.

Yes, I realise this must sound odd, but it is in fact very easy for certain people to get answers to yes/no questions while standing in the energetic lines and I quickly established that unlike the vortex in our home, this one was not good for humans.

We were able to determine exactly where Sabrina's mother had slept for five years and as suspected, it was in the centre of the vortex. And this my friends is the reason for the cancer which has plagued her since then.


Interestingly one of the guests at the party remembered a time from her childhood when a dowser arrived at her family home and found exactly the same kind of vortex in their garden. The solution had been to place copper on the ground in this area, to diffuse the negative energies and prevent DNA mutations.

My intention now is to return to this spot another day with a list of questions for the vortex. It is my feeling that if a crossing point can make a person sick, so too can it make a person healthy, but I must work with these energies for this to happen.


Final thoughts

Having seen the above information I hope you can also see the importance of dowsing your land before you decide where you are going to sleep or plant your trees. At the very least one should use their observational skills to establish they are not sleeping or spending lots of time in an area which is evidently bad for plants.

Back when Sabrina and I first met in Thailand I was practicing Reiki much more than I do now and it was in this period we received the news that her mother was sick. The doctors predicted she would be dead in a year so I offered to join Sabrina on a trip to France where I gave her mother Reiki. That was almost ten years ago now and while the cancer is still present, she is far from dead.

The doctors did not change their negative prognosis during these first few years and Sabrina naturally continued to worry for her mother so it was decided that after the birth of our second child in Bali, we should all move to France and live in the same village as her.

This is a decision which has obviously shaped my life and perhaps, as this French chapter I am currently living was created almost exclusive by the cancer of Sabrina's mother, my experience with the dowsing rods yesterday was an intentional nudge from the Universe and I am wondering now if there isn't in fact more for me to do here which goes beyond the energetic benefits of bringing her grandchildren to her doorstep.


It certainly feels that way.

Love & Light everyone 🌱


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