FAQ - How can I get a new account? And login?

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Soon you will not need an official Hive Account to comment on PeakD but for the time being you need one to Comment, Post, Vote, Recieve badges and PeakD settings.

Also an easier system for getting an official account are coming as well.

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  1. Official accounts on https://peakd.com/ are known as Hive Accounts because that's the underlying database system called a Blockchain.

  2. PeakD is developing a new system to get accounts to new users but until then you can use one of the options listed here: https://signup.hive.io/
    They range from free with a bit of verification to $1-2

  3. Accounts names can be 3-15 characters long.

  4. Accounts come with a set of KEYS.
    The posting key is the one you use to log in, comment, post, vote etc

  5. These accounts will allow you to login on lots of sites PeakD.com is just one of them.

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The simplest option is PeakLock but our users use many different options so we support all 3 of them.

  1. Hive Keychain requires a browser extension download. This is the most secure and easy to use system AFTER you set it up and you can use it on most Hive based sites.

  2. PeakLock is a system @PeakD created all you need is your posting key you will need to remember a short 5 digit pin number ever 7 days.

  3. HiveSigner is a 3rd party login available for many sites you will need to know Active and Posting keys.



  • Setting up an account requires your ACCOUNT NAME and the Posting Key
  • Then you create a pin code to log back in for that browser in the future
    If you don't know your posting key this article will help you - Coming soon

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Some other websites or posts that may help you with this question.

1 - Resource to get a new account

This page gives you several ways to get an official hive accounts https://signup.hive.io/

2 - Getting a new account By @indigoocean APRIL 2, 2020

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