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Badges are unique to however they are built on Public Decentralized Lists. When a public list is created may add it as a whitelisted badge on the site.

[Read about what else badges do here.]...Coming soon.


Presently has NOT created a semi-automated system for creating badges so you'll have to follow these instructions to create a list and then get it approved by administrators.

Important Note: Creating a public list is no guarantee that the badge will be added to ... when develops an automated system (in the future) it will also specify more specific rules and requirements any badges added now will be subject to those later rules and restrictions and make be added or removed at will by

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A. Create a new account on Hive

This post may help - This process will be automated in upcoming badge creation systems

B. Name the account BADGE_xxxxxx (6 digit number)

No exceptions to this rule it must follow this naming convention if it's to be used as a badge.

C. Follow users with that account.

Just like you would follow an account with your own profile. Log in as that account and follow the users that you want to add to the list and get the badge.

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While the previous 3 steps are vital steps to creating the account these following steps are important if you want a list to become a badge.


This is how you get to the edit profile section of your account to do all these steps

D. BADGE NAME (Account name)

You must give that account a real name for the badge.
The name must represent what the users will see as the name of their badge.
We suggest you be descriptive.
Don't use the word "badge" in the name of your badge

"Piano Players", "X Project Supporters", "Top 50 Blues Musicians", "Venezuelan Hive Users", "Bitcoin Maximalists", "Users with the name Scott"


  1. Must specify exactly what this badge is.
    Hopefully this is also evident in name but sometimes it's not so this section can clarify.
  2. And exactly WHY someone has this badge. Qualifications.
    This gives users an idea why the users who have this badge have the badge.
    Even if the reason is "My Personal Picks"


You must add a square graphic to the account profile image.
This will become the graphical badge that is placed in connection to the recipients of the badges.



We will only be approving badges that have a decent number of accounts added to the public list of recipients of the badge.

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Once you have done the steps to create a viable public list account you may request to be listed.

We are still determining what types of badges we will or won't allow.
We will update it here if things change and will have a more exact list when we move out of the manual approval method.

Presently we have had nothing we consider abuse but here are some of the things we wouldn't approve:

  • If lots of users request to be removed from the the badge (via muting account) then the badge is not presently acceptable on the site.
  • If the badge is negative in nature and it is assumed many users will remove the badge then it will likely not be approved to begin with.
  • The exception is that code-automated blockchain provable badges may be approved even if they may likely be proving a negative fact.

TEMPORARY: This is just a temporary method until Badge software on the site is upgraded to be automatic.

SITE DISCRETION: We reserve the right to approve and disapprove any badges we desire.

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Badges will have a small re-occurring charge in the future.
However until we expand the features for badges we are not implementing a charge presently.
Meaning Badges are FREE ... for now.

A fee eventually will be used for the following reasons:

  • To keep the bloat of useless badges down. (including abandoned badges)
  • Pay for the services that keep them running.
  • Further development of this feature and others.

Starting a badge now will not grandfather you in at no cost, however you will be given plenty of warning when badges start to charge.


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