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What should a content creator know about PeakD.Com?
How can I make a new account? And login?
Steps to publish a post on PeakD.com?
Can I log into to other websites with my account? Which ones?


What is a blockchain? And what are the benefits?
What is Hive? And how is it unique?
Who is in charge of the Hive Blockchain?
What's the difference between a regular password and a blockchain key?
Why is decentralization helpful for a social media platform?


What is a topic (tag)? And how to explore content using them?
PeakD.com is having some issues how do I check the status?
How can I edit my profile? And what is editable?
What is a PeakD badge?
How do I create a Badge on PeakD.com?
How do I create and organize bookmarks on PeakD.com?
What qualifies as a notification? And why can't I customize them?
What is an API node and why do I have to switch them sometimes?
How do I change my NSFW settings? (Adult Content Settings)
How do I mute users or comments?
Can I create multiple accounts? If so how?



Why are my posts showing up on several other websites?
What interfaces will show my blog style content?
What are Resource Credits? And how many posts can I make?
What are the best practices for creating posts?
Can I publish Private content on Hive/PeakD.com?
Can I delete a post or a comment?
Can I post content that I don't own?
How do I schedule a post on PeakD.com?
How to add videos, pictures and music to my post?


How do communities work?
How to create a community?
Why don't my community posts show up on my blog?
What is a community cross post? And why doesn't it show up on other interfaces?


What are the differences between the keys?
Explain the difference in the login methods on PeakD.com?
How do I find my posting and active keys?
How does Hive Keychain work?
How does HiveSigner work?
How does PeakLock work?
Why so much emphasis on security compared to most other websites?
Can I send a message to another user? Can it be an encrypted message?
Why can other people see my wallet and all my interactions?


How do content creators make money?
What is a Hive token and Hive Backed Dollar?
What are the benefits of Hive Power over Hive tokens?
How can I turn my Hive tokens into BTC or USD?
What is Voting Mana and how much is used when I vote?
Why do some people have larger votes?
What is a downvote and why have I been downvoted?
Economic tips for the reward pool on Hive?


I am on mobile with slow internet what can I do?
What is a reward beneficiary? And how do they work?
What is a content Curator? How do I follow their feed of content?
How is Hive different to Steem?
What is a private list? And how do I create one on PeakD.com?
Is Hive opensource? And how to contribute?
Is PeakD opensource?
What is a delegation? And how do I delegate Hive Power?
How do I un-delegate Hive Power from an account?
What is a witness and how do I vote for one?
What is an auto vote and how do I auto vote for some one?
How do I change my keys and master password?
How can I let someone else post on my account?
What happens if I loose my keys to my account?
What is the Hive Fund and how can I vote on proposals?
How do I create my own Proposal?
How do I see how many people viewed my post on PeakD.com?
What are Global Blacklists? Who created them?
How to get removed from a Blacklist?
Does PeakD have a white-list that nullifies the effects of a blacklist?
What is a Smart Media Token and when will Hive have them?
What to do if someone is using your copyrighted creations?
What are the RC costs for different blockchain transactions?

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