My red ginger has gone bad now. I planted it in a pot and now have to separate it into another pot

Hello everyone, how are you today, and wherever you are of course in good health and always successful, I hope you are now better than the previous days. I came back to this community to show something to all my friends who are here.

The territory of Indonesia is known as a very fertile area with very large agricultural land, such as the westernmost region of the island of Sumatra, namely the province of Aceh today. And of course here many people do work in the garden.

I want to show about the red ginger and red ginger that I planted in pots can be harvested today and this red ginger I planted six months ago in pots and the pots I use are from leprosy buckets that are no longer used. So I decided to plant ginger in the bucket.

Before I plant, I mix the loose soil with my own organic fertilizer. We have to mix the soil and organic fertilizer first until it comes together. Then we put it in the pot that has been provided. Don't fill the soil with half full first. And then the box put the ginger fruit that we prepared and covered with the soil the size was covered with the ginger and then we flush it to be really wet, and stiffen it every day. if it looks like shoots we close again until continuously until harvest.

Why do I say that. So that the ginger is full of fruit in the pot, like mine is full. If we plant it like this, it saves our land and energy and the results are very large.

And now I have to separate the ginger in this pot into another pot. Because the old pot was full and so I had to fill it into another pot.

Planting ginger is quite easy and simple and ginger plants are very easy to live and care for is very easy, because I have done things like this several times.

Thus a brief review from me on how to plant red ginger, hopefully it should be useful. And thank you for visiting my new blog, I hope it can be useful.

Good luck to all friends in this community.

have a nice day have a nice day for all of you and have a nice weekend.

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