Building my Dog a New Dog House

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So, recently we had some renovation round the house and the dogs cage had to be dismantled and there was no place for the dog to stay in when it rains.
And it was a problem for me cause, I don’t like my dog stay under the rain cause it might lead to some problems for the dog.

So, I had to start the construction of a new dog house for my dog Z.I .
My younger sister actually gave my dog it’s name Z. I which she said means “Zonal inspector” the dog was very quick to respond to the name, that’s why the name stayed.

For the construction, I had to do some block work with some cements and then roof it.

So, I started out digging out the foundation of the house, I actually made it a two rooms because I still intend to get another dog in the future.

After the foundation was duged, I started laying the blocks up to like 5ft high.
It was actually fun for cause, I have had no prior skill in brick laying before, I only watched some brick layers do their work and picked the idea on how to do it.
After the block work, I had to do the roofing, which was the most tricky part for me cause, it took me some time knowing how I want the roof to be.
I still had the knowledge of wood work and technical drawing I learnt since in high school, it came to play. So I figured out what to do and was happy his it turned out.

Next will be to fix the doors…


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