My childhood experience, the power force of my success story.


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My childhood experience wasn't easy at all.
It wasn't a pleasant one.
Growing in a relatively non doing well family; where the mother is the soul of survival, wasn't that easy, but it took me somewhere.

I grew up with my Mom, moving to school each day with an empty stomach. My mom was a farmer, dad wasn't really there for us.

This really pushed my mom, taking me alone side with her to some piece of farmland, she has collected money for my fees because the owner needed the farmland and the grass cleared as soon as possible.


On our way going, I looked at my mom's face, and she couldn't respond the smile back to me. Then I knew she was heartbroken. The sun was coming so hardly on us. Then I head the bell of my school, calling the attention of the students.

Even I can't remember everything, but I remember mom said to me, that bell is also calling you, but currently you can't go to school today

My mom, took the guards on her shoulder, to make sure that she finished that farmland with the little energy I assisted her with. It was going to be my primary six examination in a few weeks. I haven't paid my fees yet. The only hope is the money which will would make out of the minor Job at hand.

The most of it all is that disgracing neighbor my mom had taken some loans to assist me clear my fees, who lamps her at my face, calling her names.

I don't think I can forge the follow of tears turning down from my check. Going to school without a pair of sands for a hole two years. Without a school bag, but only could provide a sack bag for me by my mom.

In all, it taught me something, so much that then have kept my elbow high as a grown young educated man. It taught me that the only person who could pay the last sacrifice for me in life and wouldn't let my left hand decided for her is my sweet mom.

I saw her going through that tough and rough time. As a child, like they say, the things children see, at a younger age, don't depart from their minds. That slam on my mother's face before me from a neighbor remains fresh in my mind today.

I am so happy that after this struggle, ways out has proven himself, a trained lower and serving journalist and a Ph.D. holder.

Her struggles brought me this far, her tears and mind night prayers, I used to see, gave me this big guards.

Walking more than five and half hers, from people's farmland, just to assist my mom, at age ten.

Seriously turned me and my mom into a mockery stuff, even the one a woman slapped her for failing to fulfill her job within the agreed time

It wasn't something that any child at my age was supposed to experience.

If I'm not forgetting, I can't remember if I ate, I don't think so because I remember taken groceries that morning with local made salt. My childhood experience is not worth saying it too loud, to the children of today's generation, for me to be able to secure my primary six certifications.

It worsens when I got to resolve into a typical farmer, farming is not bad, agricultural wise, though I was, but it was too early of my age. Missing classes because, I had to follow my mom to fetch some fire wood to sell so we could make some money to feed.

Running Minor home chores for people just because I needed some help, I couldn't avoid losing my only educational hope, so I had to wash people's dirties to make money for myself and assisted my mom as well.

Every so often, when I look back, on topics like this, I ask myself what would it have become of me, if I didn't have the true experience of life harshness on my part?

Not that I was of a poor father, rather, dad walk away, without looking back. Leaving me in the middle of fate, which mom helped me scare through. It is a memory I haven't been able to tell my children, or even my wife.

I feel ashamed of telling my family, but one day, it would be right to say it when dad is no more. All these thou brought me this far, giving up was a no, how about mom, she would be totally disappointed if I had.

The slams are so deep, as much as I can remember, the rapper she sold was so beautiful, even if she didn't tell me, she didn't because I saw her giving it out to our neighbors in secret.

In all, tears gushed down from my eyes to my checks, running down like a tamp of water helplessly without a word. My childhood experience is something I don't wish anyone child should experience.

I know that many people went through this too, those of us who were so unfortunate like this would only understand beyond the feeling of souls.

I still remember that hateful day, that woman had to force my mom over her wish to go on rain, to her farmland with the hope that the rain will stop falling when she get's there.

Me on my uniform already, I had to change on to my farm wears that Monday morning and joined my mom to her farmland just to meet with the agreed time.

To be frank, no one can bear this, but even if one can, it shouldn't even be an experience to my enemy. But it was the way to my great achievements today.

Please, I can't continue, it tears me a lot each time I'm opportune to write about this topic.

Thank you for reading.

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