And I belong to Kashi!

Hi hives,

My hometown (village) is Kashi (also known as Benaras), one of the very famous cities in India. My Benaras is known for its beautiful sarees, food, and a sidekick - "Known as PAAN" - sweet flavored betel leaves combined with areca nuts and lime. Recent developmental projects have left a beautiful mark, pink-shaded buildings, shining walls, beautiful river Ganga (Goddess Ganga), mix of modern and traditional. You can see the beauty of Benaras in every eye of the people living in the city. People are really sweet but just be aware that they are very clever as well. It's hard to win against them when there is debate or bargain. Many people from different parts of the world come and settle here. The city population still carries a lot of respect and love for the King of Benaras. His orders are equivalent to Government orders. My god " Baba Kina Ram " (First Aghori and an incarnation of God Shiv) also belongs to this city only so I never leave any chance of visiting the temple and taking a dip in the great public bath.

There are so many Ghats and one day is not at all enough to visit every one of them. I tried many times to cover all in a single day, but it is still one of the tasks on my list which I am yet to tick. Lovely environment, great food, sweet people, and a mix of magnificent art and culture. It's hard for me to express them in words so I am attaching the most beautiful pics that I took while I was on a visit to Benaras.

Also If you are from India then I highly recommend you to pay this city a visit and always remember there is God Kotvaal (The official guard of the city), you have to take permission from him while entering the city so that your visit becomes a fruitful visit for your life. You just have to whisper a few words that "Please allow me in the city, make my visit beautiful and blessed!"

Enjoy these sceneries from Kashi, Benaras.
(All the below images are taken by me)

Thanks, @sayee for hosting the contest.
I urge readers of this blog who are especially from India to come forward and tell us more about their culture, and village.

Thank you

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