My Days In Secondary School Was Memorable. #iucontest 05

This is my response to the prompt by @indiaunited on Your Best Childhood Memories. The link to the contest is here

The memories of my childhood days are those ones I had when I was in secondary school. I had some lovely memories from there.

The Friends

In secondary school I was exposed to so many friends. Some of them were good ones while others weren't. I stayed more with the good girls. We usually have time to visit each other in our respective homes. Then we will have the time to interact together and solve mathematical problems and other school assignments. I loved it because our parents knew us. They gave consent to our walking together.

Manual Labour

Manual Labour in school is what I am missing very much now. We used to like the manual labour time because we could have some more time to play together when the manual labour is on. Though sometimes we used to escape from the school manual. Manual labour in our school was one moment I cherished so much in my school days.

Inter-house Sports

Inter-house sports competition was an annual event in our school. On that day, we will all bring out the best athletes from nour various houses to represent us in the various events. I wasn't very good at athletics. At least I used to be a cheerleader. Inter-house competition is always fun to us.

The Science Laboratory Experiments

The science class was always fun. We took pleasure in performing those experiments. Observing the colour changes in chemistry titration experiments, swinging the pendulums during physics simple pendulum experiments all used to be fun. There were many practicals that we used to do. The science class was fun to be a part of. I learnt a lot from those classes and always took pleasure in attending them.

School days have always remained a cherished memory to me. These days when I see students having those kinds of events in their school it usually reminds me of my school days. It always makes me feel like I should be there again. It was always fun.

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