Quest To Vatican City

As someone who is fascinated by history and books that represent and show proof of life and civilization, there is no better location for a dream vacation than in Egypt. Although there are many other historical cities, I prefer to visit Vactain city for more reasons than one, some of which are listed below.


The treasure of Vatican City is their secret archives which have been locked away from society for years and were only recently opened to the public a few years ago. Although some sections of the libraries are rumoured to be kept away from the public, I would love to explore every inch of the library that is open and read as much as I can.


If you don't know what makes the Vatican library special, I'll let you in on the secret. This library is rumoured to contain books and letters that hold great knowledge. Books on sorcery and other vile things, letters that historical figures sent to one another, amongst many other things.

Now, having this as a dream location might be weird to a lot of people. Because im just reading and spending my time couped up in a library to me it's like locking me in a shop full of candy, my chest would explode with joy. The smell of books would flood my nostrils, the sounds of pages turning, the places your imagination takes you as your eyes scan the words and the knowledge you get out of all of it. I know this makes me sound like a nerd but I promise you, I'm not one.

Apart from the library, I'm a little bit of a foodie myself, so I would spend my time eating and exploring local delicacies. Learn new recipes and take back as many souvenirs as my budget allows me to get. All in all, im sure it would be an experience I would not forget in a hurry and one I would love to talk about every chance I get.


As amazing as Vatican City is, it's not my only dream city but I'll be signing off here and I can't wait to know your dream location.

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