A contest for Indians

(river near my village)

In order to encourage Indians on the Hive platform, I decided to hold a writing contest for Indians exclusively. So, if you are an Indian, please feel free to participate in this contest and also encourage fellow Indians.

Topic for entry

  • Write about your village
  • Write about your local festivals

This is the contest for this week.

Contest duration

28/11/2022 to 3/12/2022


First Prize - 5 Hive plus 1000 Neoxag
Second prize - 3 Hive plus 1000 Neoxag
Third prize - 2 Hive plus 1000 Neoxag

The prizes are sponsored by Vishal @theindiankid and Sayee

Why this contest?

I have been observing the India group and it is sad to see the lack of members. We used to have an active discord chat back in those days and nowadays, there is hardly anyone from the country who even participates in the chats. Vishal and Bhat have tried their best to onboard many people but in this era of instant gratification and intense social media, not many are around to delve deep into the world of writing and be patient enough to reap the rewards.

They are not to blame because India is a vibrant country and colorful one. People just do not have the time to spend hours online and work for a living. Anybody who arrives here from a foreign country will certainly be aware of the differences in culture in one shot.

Another reason is the lack of awareness of what the internet has to offer. Some people are just satisfied with the little they get that they do not bother to search for more and live a better life. So, they never bother to learn about new technology or blockchain and stuff like that. I hope the times are changing and did you know that the universal payment - UPI is unique to India? We are advanced but I just wish the people took the time to understand what Hive is and start participating.

Anybody can use Hive. A photographer, a chef, a writer, a gamer, and a finance expert. You name it, we have it.

So, yea, if you are an Indian, please post on the Indiaunited frontend to qualify and win the prize.

Hint - Please post original pictures to support your blog and yes only those who post original and unique pics will win. There is no compromise on quality.


  • Post from the Indiaunited community and the first tag should be #indiaunited
  • Minimum word count - 300
  • Use original pictures that you took
  • Submit before the due date
  • Use the tags #india #indiaunited #contest
  • The contest post must be about your village or a local festival
  • Share this post so that more people(Indians) know

All the best.

Please leave your post entry as a comment in this post.


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