Soul where Nature is….my dream Place ❤️

Hello everyone
Before talking about my dream destination…I would like to tell you all Little but about my travelling history.

I haven’t travelled anywhere till I got married. But whenever I thought about travelling I always thought about some sacred places like Banaras,Kedarnath,ghats of gangaji at all over India and many more.
Before marriage I didn’t even know that Trevelling means you can travel anywhere, I thought visiting only holy places is called travelling.
But once I got married I started to explore this area and right now if I had to think about my dream place it would be only where mountains are.

I love trekking though I’m not that physically fit for high altitude but I really wanna check my strength.

My dream place where I am in the middle is of jungle,passing it by foot, crossing the rivers,drinking water from the streams,once get exhausted and hungry making parathe and tea on the rock and having right away in the middle of jungle.
Then taking rest on some big rock,listening nature’s songs like bird chirping,river flowing then after some time,reaching some village which is middle of the forest,surrounded by mountains and river and spending the night at some local’s place,eating their authentic cuisine and seating around boanfire in the middle of night,listening local’s story about their life,hardship they face daily aur their local gods.
And also helping them in their daily chores.

That’s what I have always imagine whenever I think about my dream place.
So my dream place is not just one particular place but everywhere in the whole world where I can feel my soul alive in mountains,trekking, listening nature’s song and much more.


Living an mountaineer life and facing the struggle which they face daily but live happily is what I ever wanted.

I want to go from city’s hustle bustle to a calm village in mountains and just enjoy every little things which god has provided us.


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