Adventure:The fun and Educative part of life.

Travelling is an adventure that I love to engage in. Not just for fun but to realize new things such as the various ways of doing things such as food, dressing, greetings, technology ,economical difference and so on. Fortunately I have had the opportunity of traveling from states to states within Nigeria basically because of the nature of my father's job as at then which involves several transfers from one state to another.

I wanted more, I would always tell myself. I wanted to not just travel within my country, I want to travel outside the country to see how the world outside of Nigeria feels and looks but unfortunately I never got the chance. They were times when I would apply for scholarships outside Nigeria online just so I could go out but nothing happened. So there was this day when certain foreigners from Turkey came to my secondary school to tell us about a scholarship programme and suddenly I knew this was it and I was definitely going for it. I never knew nature had something different anyways. I got home and I told my parents about it

My mother particularly said I was going nowhere and that when it's time to go that I will but for now as the only girl child that I should please not leave her behind in Nigeria somehow I felt bad but I guess she had a point, so I lost that opportunity. One day I know I will have different opportunities to go to any country of my choice without any challenge.


I always wished to visit different countries but the finances always held me back amidst other factors. I hope to visit the following countries I can call them my dream countries:

Canada, New York city, India, turkey etc.

If I had my chance I would visit New York city first. I got to like New York city because of a song by one of our Nigerian artist titled” Fine girl from New York city”. I wanted to know if there really were fine girls in New York City . I was curious, because all my life I have believed that we ladies in Nigeria are the most beautiful ladies . In the music video the beauty of New York city was showcased and I was already awwwwning and dreaming of myself In New York city. In Fact let's just say I was obsessed with New York city.



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