I Got Scammed! My first encounter with a scammer

In as much as I have always wanted to keep this to myself without anyone finding out since it wasn't a cool story to tell, I also can't help but think back to that time anytime I suspect a situation to be another repeat. Indeed, experience is the best teacher in so many aspects of life and that includes the situation of being Scammed.

It's my first time joining in the Indiaunited contest and I find this topic interesting to write so here is my own story of how I got scammed.

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I'd like to start with this fact that I've never been scammed before this situation I'm about to share with you and I've never gotten into such a situation or even relating to it after what happened back then, I guess I got wiser from just my first experience of it and I'd advice anyone to do same... Falling victim again simply means you're not ready to learn and wise up.

So on the day I got scammed, I was at home and browsing through my phone as usual. I had not found Hive back then so I was always active on Facebook and WhatsApp which I found fun but always wanted a way to earn money while I was waiting to get an admission into the university. So on that day, I finished my offline work and got back to chatting with friends online.

Just then, a message popped in and chatted with me. It was a long time friend who stopped chatting with me for a while so I was surprised to see her text but also happy as I replied so quickly and we chatted for sometime only for her to introduce me to a money doubling scheme. Honestly, I didn't find time to doubt her as I've known her for a long time and the facts I gathered from the scheme were so convincing.

She went like "You'll send 5 dollars to get 10 dollars" and I got excited about it. My excitement grew when she showed me her own screenshot of a money she got after she sent hers.

Now, this was a stage I would have noticed it was a scam but was too greedy to see

I didn't see my friend's name on the bank alert screenshot she sent and I didn't even bother to ask her how true the whole thing is. Just seeing a confirmation that the thing actually pays, I decided to opt in. My sister was at home when I was chatting with my friend so I excitedly told her about it and that I was going to put in about 7 dollars in it.

My sister suggested I put in a more smaller amount to be sure first but then, the elder spirit in me didn't listen to her so I sent all of the money I had which was about 7 dollars. Immediately I told my friend to help me confirm the money I sent, she blocked me from contacting her 😂 and that was it, I didn't hear from her again.

Until I got a message in a group chat we were both in that her Facebook account got hacked since a week ago so we should not mind any messages sent to us with it 🥲 yeah, it was too late for me. I lost my money already. I didn't feel bad for long but that money would have done something much better for me than fall into a greedy situation.

So tell me, have you been Scammed before?


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